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  • Unfortunately, you will never be sure because you know cheating is wrong. Often either a female or male partner that knows that person is cheating on their spouse (even if that person is cheating on their spouse as well) will think 'if she/he cheats on her husband then she would cheat on me.' There are many men out there that take advantage of women who are lonely; feel unloved or unappreciated by their husbands. You need to mature and try and make your marriage work by seeking marriage counseling and if you do not love your husband enough to do this or at least try in your marriage you should have the courage to tell your husband you no longer love him and start divorce proceedings.

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Your husband is cheating on you! It's obvious!Another thought:Your husband may or may not be cheating on you, but the line "I love you, but I'm not 'in love' with you," usually means he has one foot out the door. He's not committed to you as a husband and partner.Ask him what his intentions are. You deserve to know. You also deserve to be with a man who is 'in love' with you. Tell him you can do better, because you can. Then kick him to the curb.

Cheating is cheating, and I think a spouse is hurt whether the cheating is with a man or a woman.

He Is gay and is cheating on you with the masseuse.

Yes. Cheating is a response to insecurity or low self esteem.

Lot's of ways and you are the one that can and will noticed it. just remember the way this man or a husband is with you, and if you think a lot is changing, that's one of the sign.

If she is living or married to this man why would you think she wouldn't be sleeping with him because it's a relationship. An 'affair' means that one is cheating on their mate with another. Cheating is wrong and the persons cheating generally lose out.Answer:Wow I didn't know that you are jealous or even insecure about your mistress sleeping with her husband. I don't think you can predict what she will do when she's at home with her husband. If her husband didn't know that she is having an affair, I think she will be more loving towards him so he wouldn't suspect anything.I'm afraid that you don't have a leverage, because she is still married to her husband.

When your man is cheating, there are some signs that can be seen such as:uninterested in activities with youignoranceno longer affectionatedistant

well if he really loves you like he say then youll know he loves you but sometimes depend on their action

Stop Cheating with Another Woman's ManI honestly can not figure out why a mistress would want to tell the wife she is cheating with her husband, unless she thinks it might sway the odds in her favor that the wife would leave the husband. The best thing for you to do is to shop cheating with someone else's man and go out and find a man who is not married. To answer your question directly, NO, you should not say anything to the wife, especially if you hope to gain the husband from telling her. YES! Yes you should tell her. It will free you from him and hopefully the wife will free herself as well.

No spouse should have to put up with their spouse cheating or continuing to cheat. You can sit down with your husband and tell him you refuse to put up with his cheating and if he continues then you will file for divorce. No man or woman in a marriage is to stay in a marriage where one is disloyal. You should have self confident enough to know what you want and do not want in your life.

Sure, lunch is not cheating on your husband.

no. The one you should confront is your man. And if he is cheating it's his loss.

You will know if a Capricorn man loves you because he will eventually show you in some way. Capricorn men tend to be stoic but are very affectionate. You can tell if any man loves you by his actions.

If you know the man you are with is not a single man then you BOTH are cheating!

Cheating is cheating . Man or woman or transgendered person in the middle of the proceedings, or natural-born hemaphrodite. I think that covers it.

Answer It depends on the man. Some men may have had a first unsuccessful marriage and chose to cheat (not the answer to a marriage problem) or, he loves women and can't commit. Only you know his personality. Since you are asking this question then you must have some doubts from suspicious actions. When in doubt follow him! That's how I caught my first husband cheating on me and I found out he had cheated on me several times before this.

A dad is a man that loves you a lot.He is the husband of your mother. that guy who always yells

ok ill start here. a man that loves you will always be there for you no matter what. he cares about you and loves you no matter who you are and he loves you no matter what you look like. he doesnt label you for who you are. he loves you no matter what.

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Just because your husband cheated on you doesn't make two wrongs right. Meaning, you should have had more dignity and pride in yourself not to lower yourself and cheat with another man. The fact you did sleep with another man and he had a girlfriend is selfish; inconsiderate and a red flag you need to grow up. Talk to your husband about cheating; know how strong you are as an individual and let him know that you are not putting up with his cheating. If he continues to do so then it's time to end the marriage.

the exact same way you know if a man who can see loves you a blind man isnt any different than any other man he just cant see

Cheating is wrong. You should be in an honest open relationship instead.

Most likely in the same ways that you might know she was cheating with a man. It could even be less obvious, though, especially if she was cheating with one of her female friends.

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