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How do you know if the medical profession is the right field for you?

-Medical profession is not easy to get or reach that dream, it is very difficult to achieve because you need to invest time and money for this. So upon wasting any effort of enrolling in this field you need to weight if you can do it in terms of brain and also by money. Then the courage to be on school and study life saving practice.

You need to balance everything before proceeding to any course you want. IT will be much easy if you can feel that you are on the right track of your goal in life.

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Are any of you opthalmologists. I really want to know how the field is. Can you provide your email possibly?

You should be able to get info on this profession from academic institutes in which this field is studied.

What are the courses available in medical related field after BSC?

Sorry i don't know .

How to prevent kwashiorkor?

The medical profession do not not even know what causes it, although there is a general consensus that protein deficiency may be a contributing factor.

Why is the study of medical terminology a core course in health insurance professional program?

A understanding of medical terms is needed to sell health insurance. These terms will be used constantly. Each profession has a vocabulary that is used by the people in the profession and to do the work a person needs to know and use the vocabulary.

Why is it imperative for all members of the medical team to know the different types of laws that govern and pertain to the medical field and their consequences if broken?

It is imperative that all members of a medical team know the different types of laws that govern the medical field, because when one member breaks a rule, all can get into trouble. One consequence of this trouble is loss of license.

What term is also know as acute nasopharyngitis?

A good explanation to those who aren't in the medical profession is "a really bad sore throat and stuffy nose"

Medical records are owned by whom?

Anyone should have the right for his or her medical records and it is his or her obligation to know and be given their copy of it.

How much does a medical assistant make hourly in California?

I know as for me I live in California they can make up to $24 an hour. I personally know of people in the medical assisting field the pay here is pretty decent.

A Recession Proof Industry?

Though many industries were hit hard by the recent recession, the medical field was not one of them. As Social Security and Medicare fall apart, the medical industry will definitely be in high demand as the average age of the population increases and people are in more and more need of medical assistance. The first step to breaking into the medical field is to be in the right school. If you want to be a doctor, your path is very well laid out. Make sure to get in good with your local medical circle while in school so that you can serve any internships with a highly accredited program. Affiliate professions within the field of medicine are always open. They can be easily found on Internet boards which specialize in such things, and these types of jobs are all over the globe. A medical professional can not be afraid to go where he or she is needed, as many communities are in need of medical professionals more than others, and you never know what type of professional will be needed in what place at any given time. The medical field is a recession proof industry because once you get in and create a positive reputation for yourself, you should be able to obtain employment at any time. A medical professional must make sure to network as well as maintain a current skill set at all times. The medical field is small, and if people know who you are and you have a positive reputation in your profession, you will be well received wherever you go. If you do not have a job in the medical profession and you are currently looking, the best place to look outside of an Internet forum specializing in medical professional jobs is your local medical conferences and physicians' meetings. Often physicians do their own hiring and do not post their listings, preferring to go by word of mouth and by their gut. If you can meet these people at a business conference and come prepared with a business card and resume, you may not have to even look on a job board for an employment opportunity.

What are the medical procedures for the lungs when there is a medical problem?

in simple language, there are plenty of medical procedures that are used for Lungs Diseases. But you need to know the disease to choose the right procedure.

On percentage do more balls get hit to right field or left field?

Don't know the percentages, but left field is more common. Most batters are right handed, and, on averge, a batter is more likely to "pull" the ball when he hits it. (Note: when a batter is said to "hit to the opposite field", that means that a right-handed batter hits to right field or a left-handed batter hits to left field. On the surface, this is not "opposite field" at all. But it's called "opposite field" because it goes against the natural tendency of a right hander to hit to left field and a left-hander to hit to right field.)

How has your education and training prepared you for medical billing and coding?

It definitely helped in making sure that you know what to do and how to do it the moment that you start doing medical billing and coding jobs. The toughest for me was medical terms but when you study really hard, you can master them all. The right education and training can help any person turn into a professional in any field. As long as you give your perseverance to anything, you can get it.

The man who invented the TV color what was his profession?

I would like to know about the man who invented Color TV. What profession he had?

Why is behavioral aspect of marketing crucial to the marketing profession?

behavioral aspect of marketing is crucial to marketing profession because it helps the marketer to know whom he is dealing with in order to serve him better. as the saying goes customers are always right, unless u know the customer before you can satisfy his or her needs properly

What is the importance of nursing law in the nursing profession?

The Nursing law regulates the profession. It is with this law where nurses can protect themselves at the same time know what and how they can uplift the standards of their profession.

Do you need to know math?

It depends what profession you are studying

How do you know the profession No?

" No " word professionally means number .

What medical field focuses on the pituary gland?

Doctors know as Endocrinologists meaning a doctor who studies glands, their meaning and their related disorders.

What is a good medical field to go into that is well paying and you only have to go to college for 6yrs or less?

Registered nurse is one that I know of.

What is the Business Ethics in Real Estate as a Profession?

I do not know the answer, that's why I ask the Question of: What is the Business Ethis in Real Estate Profession?

What are some medical uses for marijuana?

I know that it is subscibed to some people with sever sickness of the stomach during kemotherapy ( dont know if I spelled that right)

What questions do physicsts ask?

Does anyone know how to spell my profession?

Can you become a surgeon if you are color blind?

You ABSOLUTELY can become a surgeon if you are color blind. I'm a graduating medical student; I personally know several colorblind classmates going into surgery and colorblind practicing surgeons. Colorblindness is very common and will not in anyway prevent you from entering into the medical profession.

In regard to electronic medical records what is the policy for disclosing authorized data requested by third parties?

Yes , because I fill that every should have a right to their medical and know who on there record.

What is a software developer and what are the educational requirements for this profession?

A software developer does as their title suggests, they develop software. As far as educational requirements are concerned, I do know that you must go to college and get a degree in that field, as well as getting certified.