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ask you best friend if it is any good

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Q: How do you know if the song you have wrote is any good?
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What was the worst song that Michael Jackson wrote?

Mj never wrote any bad songs, they were all good actually

Who sang the song aBout the Danube river?

A song or the walt? Johann Straus wrote the waltz "On the Beautiful Blue Danube", but I don't know any song.

What song is good to lip sync?

Any song that you know very well is good for lip syncing.

How do you know when you're good at Guitar Hero?

When you can play any song on expert and make a perfect on it. When you can play any song on expert and make a perfect on it.

Who wrote the song Any Man of Mine?

Shania Twain

How do you know you play the drums good?

You know you play the drums good when other people come around you and say how awesome you are. ALSO, If you see that you can play practically any song that is thrown at you or can play any song just by hearing it. I know how THAT feels.. haha.. Stormy Wux HEeer

Where to you find old song lyrics?

Google is a good place. Just type in "lyrics [song words, any words you know will do]" and that should do it.

I forgot the name of the song and the singer but i remember few lines of that song they are- everything you do and i wrote a song for YOU. Does anyone remember any song which has these lines?

The song "Yellow" by Coldplay has that line.

Who is the original wrote the song love in Any language?

According to a conversation between Sandi Patti and Bill Gaither on a Gaither video, Jon Mohr wrote the song "Love in Any Language" on the bus as they were traveling together on tour.

Is Evolution a bad thing I mean i know it can be good but could it be dad in a way?

sorry I wrote that wrong I meat. Is Evolution a bad thing I mean I know it can be a good thing but could it be bad in any way?

Any Song writing tips?

I think that there isn't really ANY tips for writing a good song. I feel a REALLY good song comes from the soul! You have to write about what you feel and what you know! You can just sit down get a pen and some paper and just start writing... then run by yourself and make improvements to it! That is how you write an AWESOME song!!

Are any of Hollywood Undead's songs clean?

I know that their song "circles" is clean, bullet has no swearing, but its about suicide, but its really good