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My son had knee x-rays at age 15 and when his orhtopedic doctor examined the x-rays he commented that my son was going to grow much taller. I asked the doctor what he saw on the x-ray that caused him to think my son would grow taller. He told me he could tell by looking at the space between the growth plate and the bones in the x-ray.

My son is now 17.5 years old and is 6'2" and still growing. (My son was only 5'6" at age 15 when he got the x-rays.) My son was always "average" in height compared to friends of the same age during his childhood. He just grew by leaps and bounds once he hit high school.

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Q: How do you know if there is room in your growth plates?
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Where are the growth plates in the body?

what is the funtcion of growth plates?growing bones

How can your break the growth plates in feet?

There are no growth plates in tarsals of your feet. The tarsals are short bones. There are epiphyseal ( growth) plates found on th

What are the epiphyseal growth plates seen only in a growing bone?

Epiphyseal growth plates can be seen only in growing bones. Cell division from these plates lead to growth of bones. Once these plates are ossified, bone growth stops.

Can growth plates be reopened?

No. Once the growth plates are closed they can never be re-opened.

What are the growth plates in your bones called?

Epiphyseal plates.

What is a growth plate?

A growth plate is a region of cartilage at the ends of long bones in children and adolescents where bone growth occurs. It eventually hardens into solid bone once growth is complete. Injuries to growth plates can affect bone growth and development.

How do growth plated help you grow?

Growth plates help you grow because when you are younger your foot is smaller, and when you're older you foot gets bigger, and it has to have something that can help it grow. Growth plates are tissue in between your bone and when you have matured your growth plate turns into a bone. I know this because I broke the growth plate in my ankle and my doctor explained it to me. Hope you understand now.

How to tell if your growth plates are damaged?

A physician would be able to determine if growth plates are damaged by doing X-rays.

How do you find out if my growth plates are sealed at 19 years of age?

An x ray would show if your growth plates are closed.

I am a 22 year old male I'm 5'8 mom is 5'8 and dad is 5'10 and i never had a growth spurt can i grow taller?

Probably not. the growth plates have usually turned from cartilage to bone by your age. if you really want to know, have the hands X-rayed. it will show the growth plates and if they are bone

What are the bony plates of a starfish called?

where bony plates growth zone is found in..

If growth plates are fused does growth hormone therapy work?

No it will only increase muscle mass and reduce fat with long term use once growth plates are fused.