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My son had knee x-rays at age 15 and when his orhtopedic doctor examined the x-rays he commented that my son was going to grow much taller. I asked the doctor what he saw on the x-ray that caused him to think my son would grow taller. He told me he could tell by looking at the space between the growth plate and the bones in the x-ray.

My son is now 17.5 years old and is 6'2" and still growing. (My son was only 5'6" at age 15 when he got the x-rays.) My son was always "average" in height compared to friends of the same age during his childhood. He just grew by leaps and bounds once he hit high school.

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2011-01-24 03:41:37
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Q: How do you know if there is room in your growth plates?
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what is the funtcion of growth plates?growing bones

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Epiphyseal growth plates can be seen only in growing bones. Cell division from these plates lead to growth of bones. Once these plates are ossified, bone growth stops.

Can growth plates be reopened?

No. Once the growth plates are closed they can never be re-opened.

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An x ray would show if your growth plates are closed.

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A physician would be able to determine if growth plates are damaged by doing X-rays.

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Usually to really know if you've stopped growing the best way would get x-rays of your growth plates

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