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There are different types of love sick. A very young teen can have a crush on someone older from afar and be "love sick" or, you can be going with someone you love and they have to move away or are on a long holiday. It's when you pine for that person and think of basically nothing else in your life. Losing a person you loved to death is certainly grieving, but this too is a type of "love sick" because you would give anything just to hold that person close to you. Signs of love sick are: Can't eat much (or over-eating.) Nothing seems to matter in your life at that point. You stop seeing your friends and staying home alone. You don't seem to get the enjoyment out of life you once use to get. All you think of is this person and prefer to sit alone to mull over memories you had together or listen to some favorite songs you both had. In time, hopefully, the person that is love sick will realize it's time to move on or, just enjoy the fact the person is coming back to them and get on with life until that happens.

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Q: How do you know if you are love sick?
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