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Q: How do you know if you are not good at Judo?
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Is the british good at judo?

u bet

Did Mary Tyler Moore know Judo?

Yes. She got to be quite good at it, as Dick Van Dyke learned the hard way?

Your judo throws are the best?

Hmm depends what you mean, judo is for those with certain goals, for instance, judo will not increase your speed at running. Judo is best if you want to learn how disrupt balance, by have never been any good at kicks or punches.

What do you call winning a point in judo or karate?

judo - ippon dont know about karate though Same thing in Karate, ippon.

What are some good Judo schools in Bergen County NJ?

Master Kang School of Judo and Jiu Jitsu in Palisades Park. The actual name of the school is U &K Judo Academy.

What are good judo jokes?

What are the three biggest lies told in Judo?I haven't worked out in a while.Let's play light.Oops. I'm sorry.Q: When is the best season to learn Judo?A: Just before the fall.

Do you have to be good at Judo to join when your a freshman?

It depends on the requirements of where your trying to join.

How do you sew on judo tabs- Is there some regulation about this- I have three purple tabs to sew on but don't know how?

Judo doesn't have purple tags, and if they were purple they would and should be stick on.

What is judo in France?

Judo is japanese, so it remains judo in all languages.

What is judo in afrikaans?

Judo is japanese, so it remains judo in all languages.

What age can you start judo?

When you can walk. 5 or 6 is a good age to start at.

What part of speech is judo?

The word judo is a noun. Judo is a Japanese martial art.