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How do you know if you had a poem published?


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March 22, 2008 8:20PM

Well, if it was a decent publication, then they will tell you, and usually pay you, and often send you a free author's copy of the publication. If it was one of those slimy sites like, or, then it is already published on their site as soon as you post it, and they send every single person a letter saying that their poem was chosen to be published in one of their books, and then they offer to sell you a copy of the book, or offer to let you pay to come to an awards ceremony. Since they publish everything that anyone sends them, publication means nothing in that context, and you can just assume that you are published if you send them something. They'll send you a snail-mail letter about the whole thing, making it seem as though you are one of the very few... and if you pay them for the book, they will send it to you.... but that is the only time you will ever see the book. It will never be in stores. It is just like a little trophy for you, and it earns them a lot of money from people who want to believe that they are great poets... when the people behind those sites are actually just really sick profiteers playing on the hopes of zillions of amateur poets.