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Galvanized pipe will be silver/gray color. Copper will be copper. Use a magnet, it'll stick to galvanized pipe but not to copper. Drinking water lines should not be black steel pipe.

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Q: How do you know if you have copper or steel drinking water pipes?
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Why is copper used for water pipes?

Copper is used as hot water pipes because the copper will not corrode when the hot water goes through the pipes

A plumber has put 18 gallons of antifreeze into my water pipes can the antifreeze interact with copper or lead pipes or pipes with lead soddering and cause contamination to the water?

I can't think you are talking drinking water pipes because anitfreeze is poisonous. Nor should you have lead pipes or lead solder in drinking water pipes. So either sleeve pipes or heating pipes then. Antifreeze has inhibitors designed to prevent corrosion.

Why is copper used for hot water pipes?

Copper is used as hot water pipes because the copper will not corrode when the hot water goes through the pipes

Should you use steel pipe for water?

No! Steel is a very bad choice for plumbing, as it rusts and can poison your water. PVC, copper, or clay pipes are recommended for plumbing.

Which elements are used to make water pipes?

Copper pipes are now most commonly used in plumbing. Lead pipes were used long ago, and the word plumbing is derived from the Latin word for lead (plumbum). Iron pipes were used until relatively inexpensive copper pipes became readily available during the twentieth century.

How dangerous is copper as a pipe for drinking?

Copper pipes are perfectly safe. If you were to consume too much copper you could then suffer from copper toxicity, however metallic copper is not very soluble in water, and you will not get any excessive amount being dissolved by using copper pipes. Also note that in very small amounts, copper is actually beneficial, since it is a necessary trace element. So copper pipes are good. Or what I was told is that the Romans drank out of copper pipes and they all went mad but that's what i heard.

What is the metal for water pipes?


What water pipes are UV resistant?


Which metal is used to make water pipes in houses?

Copper, Brass, Yellow Brass , Red Brass, Galvainzed steel, Galvanized wrought , Yalloy

What metal doesn't react with water?

platinum, gold, brass, acrylic, plastic, solder, and lots more. alloys that don't react with water are sequins, brass, steel, pewter and also many more.

Are the pipes you use for drinking water the same as the pipes we use for bathing water?

Yes, the same pipes that supply drinking water to your sink also supply water to your bathtub, toilet, washing machine, exterior spigots, etc.

What are some good uses for the element copper?

Copper Wire, Copper Water Pipes, Pennies,