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I knew that my fiance was right for me because it just felt.....right. Not a good explanation I know, but it's hard to explain. He makes me very happy, and I could never imagine myself without him in my life. I completely trust him, and I know that he loves me as much as I love him. He can always make me smile, and he comforts me when I'm not feeling my best. I also feel the safest in his arms. He's my best friend and we do everything together. You'll know if he's the right one when you feel anything like that.

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What team is Mr Met the mascot for?

Mr. Met is the mascot for the Mets!

In Pride and Prejudice why wasn't mr darcy introduced in the first chapter?

The first couple chapters focus on Elizabeth and her family and they had not met or even heard of Mr. Darcy yet.

How do you know if hes Mr Right?

if he is everything u wanted him to be

What was the first baseball mascot?

Mr. Met(:

Where do you find mr Pokemon?

Mr. Pokemon is in his house north of Cherrygrove City. You must stick to the right path to get to his house. You met him at the beginning of the game, along with Professor Oak.

How did Mr Rolls and Mr Royce met?

At a drive in movie- Christine!

How do you rent Mr Met?

Call this number (718) 559-3093 Mr. Met does do public appearances at Birthday Parties, Etc.

What would Mr and Mrs Mets dolls sell for?

Lady & Mr. Met Memorabilia are very collectible. I would like to see more information on the Dolls you have in your possession. You can contact me at my website and if you have pictures I would love to see them. I do have information on Lady Met & Mr. Met statues below. If these are not the Items you have in question please get back to me with a better description. Lady Met & Mr. Met statues were sold in the late 1960s. They are made of a hard plastic. Lady Met Holding a New York Mets Pennant, while Mr. Met is holding a bat. Lady Mets head can be turned and posed. They stand about 6.5" tall. They have sold for $550. as a set, but The Lady Met is Harder to Find. I will include a link to the page of information for these items which includes pictures to the right column of this page.

How do you know when you have found mr right?

He is everything you've ever wanted in a guy.

Isn't there a mrs met also?

No, Mr. Met is a bachelor. Which might explain his swelled head.

What is the value of a 1969 Mr Met doll?

There are a few different Mr. Met dolls that were made. More details would be needed on the particular doll you are inquiring about. The 1966 - 1971 Gold Base Series of bobble heads featured a Mr. Met doll that is worth about $325. -$400. in near/mint -mint condition. Lady Met & Mr. Met statues were sold in the late 1960's. They are made of a hard plastic, and stand about 6.5" tall. Lady Met is Holding a New York Mets Pennant, while Mr. Met is holding a bat. They sell for about $550. as a set, but The Lady Met is Harder to Find. See Related Links below for pictures, and more information.

What is the name of the shea stadium mascot?

Mr. Met

How many times did Barack Obama say he met Rod Blagojevich?

Barack Obama has never denied knowing the former (corrupt) governor of Illinois; since Mr. Obama was an Illinois state senator when Mr. Blagojevich was in office, he would certainly have met the governor at political events. But contrary to myths found on conservative websites, Mr. Obama was never close friends with Mr. Blagojevich, and there is no evidence they spent much time with each other. There is an internet myth that says Mr. Obama claimed he never met the governor, or in some versions, only met him once. That statement is false: the president has never claimed he didn't know who Rod Blagojevich was, nor did he ever say he only met the governor once. In fact, it was Mr. Obama (then a senator) who worked on some of the ethics legislation that caused problems for Mr. Blagojevich.

What are examples of relative pronoun?

Example sentences for relative pronouns:Mr. Moon who you have met is my assistant.The relative pronoun 'who' introduces the relative clause 'who you have met'.The relative clause relates information about the antecedent 'Mr. Moon'.The teacher who assigned the work should answer your questions.The person to whom you give your application is the manager.The movie that we watched was a romantic comedy.The family whose dog I'm watching will return on Friday.I don't know yet which flight I'll be taking.

Has mr Kennedy cashed in?

no not yet

What is a verse in Mr know it all by Kelly Clarkson?

Mr. Know it all well you think you know it all but you don't know a thing at all baby you don't know a thing about me you don't know a thing about me you a'int got the right to tell me when or where to go no right to tell acting like you own me lately cause baby you don't know a thing about me you don't know a thing about me

Where is your pension check?

Should come in the mail. If not, contact the company.

What is the mascot of the New York Mets?

Mr. Met Of course!

Who was the mascot before Mr met for the NY Mets?

There was none!

Who was the first mascot for the New York Mets?

Mr. Met

In Little House on the Prairie who met santa?

Mr. Edward's

Which character met with Mr Lorry at the hotel?

Miss ManetteA+

What are the release dates for Mr Right?

Mr- Right - was released on: USA: 2015

How do you get into the right side of blacklot mantion on Pokemon platinum?

Well, all I know is that you CANNOT go to the right side of Mr. Backlot's mansion.

Is mr right always mr eleven?