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he/ she is not it is against school policy they would lose their job...but u might be crushing on them

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How much does Assistant principal earn in LAUSD?

How much does Assistant principal earn?

What is the right title assistant principal or assistant to the principal?

An assistant principle and an assistant to the principle are totally different job titles because they are totally different jobs.

Should you capitalize assistant principal?

If you are using it as a title followed by the name, yes, but otherwise no.I heard the man who fell from the roof was once an assistant principal for a high school out west.Assistant Principal Surname yelled at us and gave us detention.My teacher married Assistant Principal Surname.

Is assistant principal always capitalized?

Mainly it depends on how you use it, but most of the time it isn't, if you're just talking about 'the assistant principal.' If it's specifically Assistant Principal Johnson or whoever, then you would.

What is the difference between principals assistant principals?

The assistant principal handles all discipline issues and the principal handles schoolwide problems...

Who is the principal of the North East Middle School?

Principal- Greg BeardsleyAssistant Principal- Jenny Ritter

Can an assistant principal touch you?

Depends on How.If you feel violated, let a counselor know.Only you can determine if you were touched inappropriately.

What is a school assistant?

they help the principal do stuff

What is the typical job description for an assistant principal?

The main role of an assistant principal is to aid the principal in the day to day running of the school. This can include scheduling classes, ordering supplies such as text books and setting up recreational programs.

What are the duties of an assistant principal?

The duties of an assistant principal include helping to evaluate the performance of staff. They also deal with the day to day involvement with students and staff in addition to handling meetings.

Administrative detention and correctional detention?

Administrative detention is detention from the principal and/or assistant principal. Correctional is from a student or designee

Who is the principal of chatham middle school?

In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, it is Cedric Hairston. Assistant Principal is Deborah Bray.

How is the nucleus like a school's principal and assistant principal?

well it's like the pricable because the pricable the head of the school

What requirements are necessary to become an assistant principal?

To become an assistant principal is it required that you have a Masters degree in Education. Teaching experience and good communication skills are also musts in order to obtain and be successful at this job.

What do you do if your crushing on the same guy your cousin is crushing on?

I don't know but what I do know is to not go out with him after she has, if she does, trust me it hurts emotionally and physically in the end, I've tried it.

How do you know a girl is crushing on you?

she is flirting with you dumbo

What does it mean when a girl tells you if you like a girl you should tell her?

girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them

How do you know if your married assistant principal feels the same way about you as the way you feel about him?

Heed my advice, don't get into a relationship with an A.P... you'll end up with scars (metaphorical)

Why is crushing a can physical change?

because... i don't know :(

What is a school analogy for a chromatin?

In an analogy comparing the cell to a school, the chromatin could be the Assistant Principal/s because they carry the information the principal ordered.

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Who is the principal of the Susquehanna Middle School?

currently i think its mr doig and the assistant princapal mr petras

What is the name of the assistant principal in grease?

Blanch was the helper woman who rang the bells at the beginning and lost the papers.

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