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I personally think you can tell if your boyfriend is telling the truth my your gut instinct, if you really feel they are not being honest then something could be up and perhaps then you should do your own investigating around the matter. If not, enjoy what you have and dont let your insecurities ruin a good relationship, I wish I'd listened to that advice from personal experience too. You Don't and you never will, how much do you trust him, and what do your friends think of him? Answer If you ask him something an he's like 'no, why would I?'... and then he tries to change the subject then he's probably lying.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-22 21:42:19
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Q: How do you know if your boyfriend is telling the truth?
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How would you know if your boyfriend is telling you the truth why he is in jail?

This will let you know:

Should you forgive your boyfriend for lying to you for four months about a girl?

No! If he doesn´t care for four months about telling the truth, how do you know where he is lying or telling the truth? It is definitely an abuse of confidence.

How do you tell when your boyfriend isn't telling the truth?

if he realy likes you then he tells the truth

How can you tell that your online boyfriend is telling you the truth?

you can't

How do you lie about your boyfriend?

Telling you how to lie about your boyfriend is impossible, telling lies without our help is possible but if the truth comes up, that will be the hard part.

How do you know if someone is telling the truth?

ask them

What if your sister told your boyfriend a lie if you tell him the truth would it be wrong of him to breakup with you?

There is something suspicious about your question. Why would your boyfriend want to break up with you for telling the truth? Let me get this straight: is the truth worse than the lie? Yes, sometimes telling the truth is not too favorable. But it is certainly better than telling a lie. So, take the bull by the horns and see whether your boyfriend can take some bad (if that's what it is) news. If he can't - and depending on the truth it would never be wrong to break up with you - good riddance.

If you are in another state and you don't know what your best friend is doing with your boyfriend how do you know if your friend is telling the truth if she say oh where doin nutin important?

i would say hes cheating

Why he says he does not know what he feels about you?

He may be telling you the truth. That he does not know how he feels about you.

How do you know a man is telling the truth when he says he loves you?

If he tells you when sex is not involved and he tells you on the spur of the moment then he is likely telling the truth.

How do you know if a guy is telling the truth when he writes in a note that he would totally go out with you?

Because most guys are telling the truth. (I am a guy)

How do you know if I am telling the truth?

you can only tell the truth if you are saying a fact or a opinon, a question can not be true or false, so i know your not telling either as you are saying a neutral question

How to know if a boyfriend is telling the truth he was accused that he stole something he was accused by their maid but then he denied it?

Atleast trust him. if he is telling u lies then his activities will tell him. Like he ignores u. can't ans u properly .........

How do you know if your friend is isn't telling the truth?

If you are good friends you can easily read your friend's face. So, if your friend isn't telling the truth you can easily know it by looking into his/ her face.

How do you know if my boyfriend is not lying to me?

You just have to find out the truth

What does kayann mean?

I dont know... truly, no, i am telling the truth

What if you like telling lies and you don't know how to tell the truth?

then try not to lie so much and start telling the truth..... trust me just try then try not to lie so much and start telling the truth..... trust me just try

Who is telling the truth in the movie rashomon?

The woodcutter is telling the truth.

What to say to your bf?

Just do not flatter them.You know you are not telling the truth.

How do you know if your husband is telling the truth about not cheating?

all men cheat

How do you know if a guy is a virgin?

You really don't unless he volunteers that information. However, you still won't know for sure. He could be telling the truth, or then again he may not be telling the truth.There is absolutely no way to know or prove a male is a virgin.

Is telling the truth a verb or a noun?

"Telling" is a verb. "The truth" is a noun.

My boyfriend says he loves me but his actions only sometimes agree with that so how do I know if he is telling the truth?

you know when he gives you the warmest hugs and looks deep in your eyes and tell's you he loves you. Also when he says it in front of his friends & family

How to know if your girlfriend is telling the truth?

You won't always know if someone is telling you the truth or not. If it sounds suspicious, check into her story. If you don't find what you are looking for, try not to go overboard with accusations. If you alienate what trust she has in you, it might only make it more difficult for her to tell you the truth.

Is there a pathological liar support group in Ottawa ON?

No, but how do you know if I'm telling the truth?