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If you are worried that your cat may have a urinary tract infection, watch how often he or she visits the litter box. If they go often and only expel a small amount, it may be a sign.

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Q: How do you know if your cat has a urinary tract infection?
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Can you give a cat azo for urinary tract infection?

can you give azo pills to a cat for urinary tract infection

What shall you do if your cat has blood in his wee?

Your cat probably has a urinary tract infection book an appointment with your vet ASAP.

How do you treat urinary tract infection in a cat?

Urinary tract infections are not uncommon in cats. Treatment for the first infection is typically antibiotics prescribed by your veterinarian. If your cat has repeated or frequent urinary tract infections, your veterinarian will start to look for underlying predisposing factors such as perineal malformation, kidney or bladder stones, urinary retention, nutritional issues, diabetes or bladder cancer.

What are symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection in house cats?

Symptoms of urinary tract infection in cats are discolored urine or blood in urine. Take your cat to the vet if he or she has these symptoms or seems to experience discomfort during urination.

What can you do for a cat that lickes below all the time?

The cat might have a urinary tract infection. Best thing is a vet visit.

Cat urinary tract infection?

I've heard you can pull the cat's penis out of it's slot and massage it and give it cranberry juice

What kind of home remedies are out there for a urinary tract infection in a pregnant cat?

you should probabily take your cat to the vet. just to be safe.

Can a female cat get uti?

UTI stands for urinary tract infection. Yes, your female cat can get UTIs, although they are not as common in cats as they are in humans.

Urinary tract infection?

I've heard you can pull the cat's penis out of it's slot and massage it and give it cranberry juice

Can you give your cat cranbery juice for a urinary tract infection?

Even if you could get her to drink it, cranberry juice changes the pH of the bladder and helps to prevent a urinary tract infection, but does not stop it, once it's started, and there are visible symptoms. You'll need to see the vet, or swing by a tractor supply store to pick up antibiotics to cure the infection in your cat.

Where Can I find coupons for pet food?

That is not something you want to deal with by giving your cat normal cat food. If your cat has a urinary tract infection, you need to take it into the vet and they can get you the right food.

How do you treat a cat that uti?

Generally you would treat urinary tract infection with antibiotics such as Amoxycillin. Your vet can prescribe the correct amount based on your cat's weight and state of health.

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