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Most newer drives have built-in diagnostic tests known as "SMART." In your BIOS, make sure SMART monitoring is enabled. If there is a problem with your hard drive, it will display a message when you boot up.

For older drives, or for computers that don't support SMART in their BIOS, the drive manufacturers usually have diagnostic tools you can download for free from their website. These can read the SMART status of the drive, as well as perform manual read/write tests.

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Hard disk drives have a time span of 3 to 5 years, and it slows exhibits the sign that indicate that the hard disk is failing and one needs to take back up the data before the inevitable happens. Read the symptoms that evince the Hard disk drive failure:

1. Slowing of computer, Frequent Freezes: one can see the computer takes ages to start and even if the computer is on accessing a file or a folder can be a tedious task as it opens very slowly. Its recommended that you take data back up.

2. Data Corruption: you may be getting large number of corrupted files on the system, even though it was saved with out errors.this is one vital sign of gradual hard disk failure.

3. Bad Sectors: a hard drive has bad sectors when the data in those sectors cannot be read. bad sectors are of two types: Soft bad sectors and Hard bad sectors.

Soft bad sectors can be repaired with the help of software, where as the hard bad sectors cannot be repaired and a sign of eminent hard disk failure.

4. Strange Noises: This is the most common symptom of hard drive failure When the hard disk drives has clicking, rattling or grinding noise it indicates there is problem with the hard disk drive.

If you hear clicking it means the write head is unable to write data onto the hard disk. Grinding or rattling noises indicate that the parts of the hardware are failing.

5. Automatic Execution of Chkdsk command: A common sign of failing hard disk drives, every time you boot up the windows the Chkdsk command runs automatically.While this might be due to an improper shut down , but if this happens frequently then surely it indicates a failing hard drive on your computer .

Its advisable to take regular back of data, to avoid data loss

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Benchmark the computer and compare the scores.

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Q: How do you know if your computer is bad?
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