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How do you know if your gay?

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What age does a child know he is gay?

Most gay boys know they are gay by puberty.

How come Chris Jericho is not gay but he walk gay?

Nobody know what if he is gay!! nobody know. :D

How did the rumour spread about James hetfield being gay?

I DO NOT KNOW BUT WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT HE IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( (whoever said that is gay)

Is billy hollands gay?

You know what i dont believe he is gay,weird i know

How do you know your classmate is gay?

You can only know for sure if he tells you he's gay.

Why is bernie holm gay?

i don't know who that is, but he is gay because he was born gay. gay is NOT a choice

How do you know if a gay person is sitting next to you?

The only way you can know is if they tell you that they are gay.

Is Steve sax gay?

i know for a fact he is not gay.

How do you know john partridge is gay?

He is openly gay.

Is Keno Weidner gay?

he is not gay. i know his girlfriend.

Which people are gay from botdf?

dahvie is not gay but garret is gay & jay doesnt know if hes gay

Does your mother know that your gay?

The only way a mother will know if their child is gay is if the child tell her.

Is westlife gay?

NO but only mark feehily is gay because he admited that he is gay. people say that westlife is gay but how do we know that they are gay or not.?

Is Cher Lloyd gay?

Cher Lloyd is gay people dont know that she is gay

How can you kiss someone in your class and you do not know if they are gay?

You can kiss anyone and not know if they're gay. You can never know unless they tell you.

Is it right that Francisco Sousa is gay?

If you know him he is probably gay.

Is georges st pierre gay?

As far as I know, No he is not gay!!

Was Tupac gay?

I dont know,i need your answer

How do you know your baby is gay?

Although sexual orientation appears to be fixed at a very young age, there is no way to know if a baby is gay. The only way to know if anyone is gay is for them to tell you.

How do a know if the guy that you like is gay?

There's no better way to find out than ask the guy if he's gay. That way you will know and can move on if he is gay.

How do you know when you gay but im not?

You know that your gay when you kiss a man have any sexual relationship or really like a guy. im gay & im proud of it.

How do you know if Richard is gay?

If you have slept with him and or checked his internet history and it turns out he's been watching gay porn you'll know whether he is gay or not

What if the young man does not know he is gay?

Virtually all gay men realize they are gay by puberty.

What kind of skeleton does a slug have?

It has the gay kind. You know, the gay femur, and the gay skull and all the other gay bones.

Is jacoby ellsbury gay?

he looks like a gay, but i know he has a girlfriend.