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I do not know the situation you have with your girlfriend, but for you to ask what to look if she is cheating, why don't you just ask her. Make time to see her and just talk. Communication is a must when it comes to relationship. Ask her if she feels neglected by you, or maybe she feels that you don't have time for her anymore. Finish what you needs to be said and only this way you can find out what's going on in her head.

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Q: How do you know if your girl friend is cheating?
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How can you tell if a female is cheating?

I feel that my girl friend is cheating on me with some body we both know

Is it cheating on your friend if you went on a date and then you asked another girl out?

If you didn't break-up with your friend before asking the other girl out and that girl said yes, then you ARE cheating on your friend.

How do you tell if your girl friend cheated on you?

wow,,, your babe is cheating well if you think then you already know......

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How can you tell if a boy is cheating on his girl friend?

he will be dating another girl

What should you do if your girl friend is cheating on you?

Break. Up. With. Her.

How can you tell if what if your girl friend is cheating on you?

Her vag is purple.

Is a man cheating when they call an old girl friend?

No it is not the case that men are cheating if they call their old girl friend. It might be the fact that he treats her as a friend. It can totally be that case, do not take that negatively.

How do you convince your girl your not cheating?

Try, I don't know, NOT CHEATING.

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How can you know when a girl is cheating?

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