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Assume he do and you will not be wrong.

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The guy will have to tell you but when you do the guy will most definetly know.

Get to know them. Hint that you like the guy WHILE BECOMING FRIENDS. Get to know the guy first.

i do! he's not a guy guy though

You may know if the guy likes you when texting if he says he does.

There is not a specific way to know if a guy is thinking about you. The only sure way to know is if he tells you.

If a guy is truly in love, then will know by the way he looks at her, acts with her and talks about her when she is not there.

The guy you know the guy that sung that song before you know what i mean the guy :D

You can't really know until you know him For all you know he could just be a very friendly guy

If a guy likes you but you don't know him he may look at you or walk by you whenever possible.

you will know if the guy you are with loves you if he respects you, treats you for who you are, and if he can see himself in a future with you.

if one of ur friends is a guy

The guy will be sweating and he will be smiling nervously!

when he does not treat you right

The only way to know 100% if a guy likes you is to ask him. If he doesn't show it, there is no way to know.

Well then try and talk to this guy about his interests and let him get to know you. Don't just talk about him though when you're with him also talk a little about youself, take it slow and let this guy get to know the real you.

Im a guy and I think I think I would want to know when another guy hits on my girlfriend

get to know him,hang out a guy loves a girl who he understands

iam in love with this guy but i do not know if he likes me or some other girl

The guy didn't know you existed until now. Now, he wants to know who you are.

Girls can tell or know if a guy is gay by observing his behavior in a group of men.

it rlly all depends on the type of guy

A guy is sincere if he says the truth. And if he is honest.

You know the guy, you need to decide for yourself.

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