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You go to your local chemist and buy a pregnancy test kit!

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Q: How do you know if you are pregnant with a missed period and your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you?
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Can you be pregnant if you are on contraceptives but missed one the day after your husband ejaculated inside if you?

Missing ONE pill in a packet is not likely to cause pregnancy

Can you get pregnant if you take birth control and your boyfriend ejaculated in you five times in one day with out a condom?

Taking birth control is the key here. As long as you have not missed taking any of the BCP you are 99.5% protected from pregnancy.

Your boyfriend cumed in you are you pregnant?

you will not know you are pregnant until you have missed a period and have taken a pregnancy test that says you are pregnant. not always will a woman get pregnant when a man ejaculates inside of her. it all has to do with the timing of when it happened. a woman has to be ovulating when it happens which means her body is making a new egg.

What if you missed your birth control pill and he came inside of you in the same week?

you become pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend pulled out before he ejaculated and you're on the pill but have missed 2 of them and you have a lot of pregnancy symptoms but have gotten your periods?

You can still get pregnant even if the man pulls out, however if you have gotten your period, chances are pretty good that you are NOT pregnant. Your mind is a powerful tool and if you know that there is a chance you might be pregnant you mind can trick your body into thinking it is and you can have pregnancy symptoms even when you are not pregnant. The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy, especially if you are young is to abstain. yes you can still get pregnant even if your boyfriend did pull out. and if you did already start your period chances are you are not pregnant.

What are the chances of my girlfriend getting pregnant if she missed her pill the day after we had unprotected sex and i ejaculated inside her?

of course there at countless variables to consider, but from what i know and generally speaking... i'd say you around a 1/20 chance of being a daddy. use a condom next time, slick.

Could you become pregnant the day after missed period?

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

You missed 3 pills of your birth control and your boyfriend came in you could you still get pregnant even if you started them back up?

Yes, Get a test

Your boyfriend ejaculated in you at the end of July its the end of August and im starting to have symptoms should you wait until your missed period to take a preg test or do it now?

Go to your doctors and have a pregnancy test done right away.

What does it mean when your boyfriend dreams he got you pregnant?

It means that your boyfriend is concerned about the posible consequences of having sex. It could also mean that you would be wise to use reliable birth control. However, your boyfriend's dream is not a sign that you actually are pregnant. If you have missed a menstrual cycle, you need to get a pregnancy test to be sure.

I missed my period and i have clear liquid coming from my breasts when i squize them but my boyfriend didnt cum inside me ...can i be pregnant please help im so stressed out.?

Yes, drainage from breasts is an early sign of pregnancy... or another problem. Either way, get it checked out.

Can you become pregnant from sperm on your leg close to the vagina?

Depending how high on the leg, and the proximity to the vagina, the semen was ejaculated, but the chances of becoming pregnant under those circumstances, are sliim to none. If the condom slipped off the penis while still inside the vagina, that is a different story. Are you absolutely sure that didnt happen? The only sure way to know is to wait until you either missed or gotten your period. Yes, because some sperm could have gotten inside of you. Yes if it is on the top of the thighs close to the vagina then u can get pregnant

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