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You go to your local chemist and buy a pregnancy test kit!

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Q: How do you know if you are pregnant with a missed period and your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you?
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Can you be pregnant if you are on contraceptives but missed one the day after your husband ejaculated inside if you?

Missing ONE pill in a packet is not likely to cause pregnancy

Can you get pregnant if you take birth control and your boyfriend ejaculated in you five times in one day with out a condom?

Taking birth control is the key here. As long as you have not missed taking any of the BCP you are 99.5% protected from pregnancy.

You started taking birth control for the first time on the 23rd of february and you missed 3 days which you were having unprotected sex and your bf ejaculated inside of you you then started taking th?

I started taking birth control for the first time on the 23rd of february and i missed the first 3 days after my period stoped. I bega taking them again and i missed the 12th day on the days that i missed my boyfriend ejaculated inside me and on other days we have unprotected sex, i am not sure if i could be pregnant. the other day i went to pee and when i wipe i saw pale blood, my stomach was cramping me all day. my period is shedule to come o the 23rd of march so i will sit and wait but i want to know i i could be.

Your boyfriend cumed in you are you pregnant?

you will not know you are pregnant until you have missed a period and have taken a pregnancy test that says you are pregnant. not always will a woman get pregnant when a man ejaculates inside of her. it all has to do with the timing of when it happened. a woman has to be ovulating when it happens which means her body is making a new egg.

If my boyfriend enjacted in me two weeks before my period and then had my period but missed the next three could i be pregnant?

There is a high chance you probably are pregnant. Best chance is to get a test done.

Your boyfriend ejaculated in you at the end of July its the end of August and im starting to have symptoms should you wait until your missed period to take a preg test or do it now?

Go to your doctors and have a pregnancy test done right away.

Could you become pregnant the day after missed period?

If you have missed your period and are pregnant, you most likely got pregnant around 14 days before your missed period.

I missed my period and i have clear liquid coming from my breasts when i squize them but my boyfriend didnt cum inside me ...can i be pregnant please help im so stressed out.?

Yes, drainage from breasts is an early sign of pregnancy... or another problem. Either way, get it checked out.

How do you prove to a guy you missed him when he is not your boyfriend?

There is nothing wrong with simply coming out and telling him when he's alone that you really missed him and he doesn't have to be your boyfriend to tell him that.

If you forgot to take the pill and your boyfriend ejacultated inside you but you took both pills the next day what are the chances of getting pregnant?

You should still be protected from pregnancy because you made up for the day that you missed. However, there may be chance of becoming pregnant if you do not take your pills every day at the same time. If you properly take your pills, you are 99.9% protected.

You slept with a boy then slept with your boyfriend then had a period and continued sleeping with your boyfriend then missed your period and now im pregnant is it your boyfriends baby?

The only thing you can do to be sure is a paternity test. It's important to get one, so you'll know

What if you are not pregnant and you missed your period?

see a doctor