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just so people know: hamsters don't have to get bigger, some don't show any signs they are pregnant, so use behaviour, and just your own observations such as mating sessions food consumption yes nesting etc to draw this conclusion, but when in doubt, assume they are, and clean the cage as soon as u notice the nesting behaviour, yes mum might get upset but its better than having a dirty cage that will not be allowed to be cleaned properly for another few weeks

Your hamster would get bigger also you will realize that she will be a little protective. Her abdomen will be of course bigger, and tighter, and often her nipples will become more visible. She will also eat more and a few days before giving birth, she will be carrying lots of bedding off to make a nest. Do NOT clean the cage!

If the hamster is making a nest and eating lots and lots of food and if the tummy is big, she might be pregnant.

You know when your hamster is pregnant when you see that is it gotten huge in a short amount of time. Her stomach will be bigger than you have ever seen it. They will also begin to make a giant nest in the corner of the cage. She will take most of the shavings in the cage to make the nest. She will hide her self completely in the nest. DO NOT touch the babies if she has them because this may cause abandonment of the babies.

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When the hamsters little tummy is getting big.

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Q: How do you know if your hamster is pregnant?
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If you have one hamster how do you know if your hamster is pregnant?

If its male, it isn't pregnant! If your female hamster has never been in contact with a male hamster, it is impossible for it to become pregnant.

How do you know if a hamster is pregnant?

to know if a hamster is pregnant feel her stomach and see if you feel a circle kind of and if like you could feel it pumping that means shes pregnant

How do you know hamster is pregnant?

You don't really know that the hamster is pregnant until a few days before she gives birth or when he gives birth.

What is the information that you have to know if your hamster is pregnant?


How can you know if the hamster is pregnant or just fat?

Pregnant hamsters tend to get aggressive.

How can a hamster get pregnant?

A female hamster can get pregnant if it mates with a male hamster.

How do you know when a hamster is pregnant?

When they look fatter then usual?Your hamster starts making a nest. They also get fatter.

How do you know is a dwarf hamster is pregnant?

They get really round and they look fat.

How do you know your teddy bear hamster is pregnant?

if the mom makes a nest

How do you know if a hamster is pregant?

when the hamster is a little fat than you will know when it is pregnant.hoped i helped youSort of but you can tell when its moving around alot slower.

Can a hamster get pregnant naturally?

No, a hamster needs a mate to become pregnant.

What is the gender of a pregnant hamster?

A pregnant hamster, by definition, must be female.

If you let your male hamster mate with a female hamster on average how many pups will she have?

Well, they could have up to 3 to 16 pups. I had my hamster for a week and it had 16 babies, so if you know your hamster is pregnant be prepared for a little babies and a lot of babies. If you don't know how to tell if she is pregnant look for nipples on her stomach.

How can you know when hamsters are pregnant?

by seaing that it has a big red ball under its stumuk and i have a proble with my own hamster it is pregnant

How do you know if your hamsters is pregnant?

If your hamster is pregnant you will see a lump or she will increase in size ( get fatter than her usual size)

Can a hamster get pregnant without a another hamster?


How do i know my Robo Dwarf hamster is pregnant and when do i know when shes going to give birth?

You can know that your hamster is pregnant when It's tummy is big and that she bites or makes a sound when you touch her tummy. I know that because my hamster ChowChow had a baby. You know when its coming out when she breaths fast.(when it comes out do not touch it or make a big sound or...It will eat her babies!) Im not telling a lie. And don't look at it.

Can you give me steps to tell if my hamster is pregnant?

If your hamster is noticably bigger, it is probably pregnant.

How long do you know your hamster is pregnant after mating?

A pregnant hamster will start hoarding lots of food and will get a little bit aggressive. They start showing the baby bump about a week before giving birth.

How long hamster will pregnant?

It depends on the type of hamster you have. I have a Chinese dwarf hamster and I found they are typically pregnant from 14-21 days.

What do you do if your hamster is pregnant?

she will propaly get noticalbly bigger and if she has had babies and you do not know listen for tiny squeaks.

How do you know that your hamster is pregnant if im suspecting it?

its slower that than it usually is and its alot fatter

Can a hamster get pregnant after one day of mating?

Yes, I believe a hamster can get pregnant after a day of mating.

Do hamsters eat a lot when pregnant?

yes because my hamster ate a ton when she was pregnant not entirely true, my hamster is pregnant and is hardly eating anything. so, it just matters on how your hamster is. =]

What are the signs that your girl hamster is pregnant?

You can tell if your female hamster is pregnant if there is a pink sack near her private.