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How do you know if your husband is cheating on you?

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To know if your husband or wife is cheating you, you need someone to help you. I will recommend you to:

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this is an easy question: see if he goes places alot and be on the phone too much.

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How do you know if your husband is not cheating any more?

There really isn't a way to know if your husband is not cheating any more. You will need to trust that when he tells you he is not cheating that he is not. Of course, you could hire a private investigator to follow him 24/7.

How do you know if your husband is cheating when you are living so far a part?

There are no certain ways you can know if your husband is really cheating on you because there is a great distance between you. If you have suspicions then you should start communicating your concerns to your husband and that's the best you can do. You can never know for sure.

What is the definitition for cheating?

cheating is doing anything you wouldnt want your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend to know about

How do you know if your husband is telling the truth about not cheating?

all men cheat

How do you talk to your husband about his cheating?

You are in total control of yourself and you don't need permission or even to wonder about talking to your husband about his cheating. Let him know what you know and tell him if he continues to cheat you are filing for a divorce. Take control!

Why would a married woman act like she doesn't know your husband when you know she was cheating with him?

she's scared she might not have a chance with your husband again.

If I have proof my husband has been cheating should I tell the woman's husband?

If you have absolute proof that your husband is cheating with this other woman then you should deal with your own problems with your husband first and yes, the other woman's husband should know. This is not an uncommon problem and most people (whether a husband cheats with another man's wife or a wife cheats with one of her friend's husbands) is very common and the victim of the cheating generally does tell the husband or wife that their spouse is cheating with their spouse.

How do you know am cheating on my husband?

Because you're having sexual intercourse with someone else.

What to do if your husband is cheating?


Should I tell the other womans husband she is cheating?

Yes, you should tell the other woman's husband if she is cheating with your husband.

If you husband is cheatin on you?

You haven't finish the question. If your husband is cheating on you then.......

How can to get revenge on a cheating husband without cheating?

tell him he has a small penis

How you know if your husband is cheating?

He will start leaveing home for trips to see his girl and he will start acting weird

How can you tell if your husband is cheating you with his ex?

Your husband can show various signs when he is cheating. He might be mentioning his ex in various matters.

How do you know if your husband is cheating with someone living in your home?

you will know when he is not having sex with you and when he is flirting with someone else. ANSWER: If he does, watch the way he acts when your in the room with her and your husband. If they are cheating behind your back those two will be uncomfortable looking or even talk to each others. Eye contact will be different.

Should a cheating wife confess to her lover's wife?

It depend to how long and how it started, but yes she needs to confess to this woman. Especially if this woman doesn't know what's going on. And what about the cheating wife's husband, what did he do to be betrayed by her. If the cheating wife and the cheating husband are having a wonderful time hiding their affair, do remember what goes around comes around.

Is it illegal for a wife to cheat on a deployed husband?

YES.Cheating is cheating is cheating is cheating. They could be on the MOON and it would be NO different.

How do you know that your husband is cheating on you?

Have sex with him and get drunk with him. If he says he doesn't want to do this he is definetly cheating. look at all his stuff and look for a woman's number if you find one then call it.

Is it cheating when your husband meets with a married woman to talk about his marriage and find out later she is attracted to him?

that just means that the lady is cheating on her husband to be with your husband

How many women know about their cheating husband?

ANSWER:At first I don't think we all knew that our husband is cheating on us because of the trust we gave them. But even if wives has this bad feelings we can't really tell because we don't have no clues that husband is doing something. So over all it does takes time for wives to know if we have some idea.

How do you cope with a cheating husband?

get rid of him.

To get your husband password so you can read his emails he is cheating you?

I want to get my husband password in his email so I can read about his cheating emails and divorce him.

Why do you dream that your husband is cheating on you?

Dreams you have usually come out on other people , meaning that perhaps maybe someone else's husband is cheating on them

What is the name for a women who is cheating on her husband?

An adulteress is a woman who cheats on her husband.

Should you tell your neighbor her husband is cheating?

No then she will think it is you he is cheating with. That is just my advice