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we have only known each other 6wks but we got close really quivkly and get on so well. In the beginning there was alot of flirting and we did loads together, although none of us would make the first move. we both recently came out of messy relationships. Then another friend spilled the beans on both of us and we admitted that we liked one another and kissed. then it all went wrong. he started avoiding me, always seemed to be busy so i left him alone. then we met up one day and i asked him about it he said he wasn't ready for a relationship and didnt want to hurt me so it was best to just stay friends now. Problem is I have really strong feelings for him and its killing me. He comes to visit me and he has started the flirting again (i think) and he cuddles me an touches my face any excuse he gets but Im so confused. If he liked me then surely we would be together? but if he just wants to be my friend then why is he acting the way he does towards me. I know I didnt misread the way he is with me as just friendly because I thought about it like this. "if one of us was dating someone else would they be happy sitting in the room when he was acting this way to me? and the answer is NO." so that's how I know its flirting. but surely its simple. If you like someone u would be with them. Please help . Confused !!!

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Q: How do you know if your male friend has feelings for you?
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Is your best friend hiding his feelings from you?

Only your best friend would know the answer to this.

How do you tell your straight male friend you love him?

If you are gay, just be completely honest with him. I am a straight guy, but I have a friend who is gay, so I do know this. Just tell him that you understand that he is straight, but that you have feelings for him and you wanted him to know because you felt that you needed to tell him.

How can a male tell his close male friend that he has feelings for him?

Answer If you know for sure that your friend is gay or bi and he knows you are, just go up and tell him you want to get it on. However, if you don't know the above, I'd try to find another man who is gay rather than offend your other friend and probably loose his friendship at the same time.

How do you know if your gay friend is in love with you?

Ask him. Depending on your feelings, either return the feelings or tell him you are straight and just like him as a friend.

What do I do- I have feelings for my older male best friend?

The best thing my girl is to be calm and kindly find a friend soon.

What does it mean when a woman confides her bisexual feelings to a male friend?

She is looking for support and is telling a friend a personal trait about herself.

How does a lesbian teen tell her straight guy friend that she does not have the same feelings for him as he has for her?

Your male friend must know what a lesbian's lifestyle is and he must feel if he loves you enough he can change who you are. You have to communicate properly by spending sometime alone and letting him know the truth.

What to do when your best friend is datting the guy you like?

Explain to your friend the situation if she/he understands you know how good a friend they are, if they are a good friend be sure that they will take your feelings into consideration. xxx Explain to your friend the situation if she/he understands you know how good a friend they are, if they are a good friend be sure that they will take your feelings into consideration. xxx

When your friend is in love with a boy which is her friend she doesn't know what to do what does she do?

She needs to tell him her feelings about him..and see what happens

How do you know when a friend is nota good friend?

You will just know, you'll get these hurt little feelings. You will just not enjoy the person's company.

Why do you have feelings for a girl I have known forever?

We tend to develop feelings for our friends as we know it is safe and comfortable - there is no getting to know one another or hurdles with a friend however, what you may not know is how they react with boyfriends as you have only been treated as a friend.

What does it mean when a friend asks if you have feelings for them?

They want to know if you are attracted to them romantically (do you have a crush on them)?

How do you know if you still love your girlfriend or have feelings for another girl who is your close friend?

To find this out you hang out with the girl to see if you still have feelings for her. That will give you your true feelings about her.

How do you know if their gay?

You know you are gay if you have feelings for the same sex. How do you know? You could try to evaluate your feelings. You could ask a friend to just try going out with you. You could compare relationships.

Why did you dream that your male friend is angry at you for not calling him?

Your dream expresses your own feelings, not those of your male friend. You are worried that he might be angry with you - that does not tell you whether or not he actually is angry. The best way for you to resolve the issue would be to call him.

How do you know when your close male friend is in love with you?

When he tells you, he is in love with you. And only then you will know for sure!

My friend and i have only gotten to know each other for a bit and randomly asks for a kiss what can i say?

I am elated you asked this question. Do have feelings for this friend? Tell them if you do or not. and if you have feelings for them you should probably date this friend. I went through the same thing but my friend didn't have those feelings for me so i just forgot it but we still are great friends!

How can you tell if your male best friend loves you?

I don't know but I think its the actions that you can tell that your male best friend loves you! Well it depends to the situation!

I have a best friend and one of my male friends is also a best friend of hers but she will be closer to him than me. What may be the reason. Is she ignoring me?

It is very common for opposite sexes to flirt with each other and they may be flirting as friends or they may have feelings for each other. You should talk to your female friend and ask her how she feels about your male friend and don't be afraid to let her know you often feel ignored and left out. They are not ignoring you or leaving you out on purpose so this is all the more reason you should communicate your feelings to one or both of your friends.

What are some type of feelings you can have for someone?

love feelings friend feelings

What is the Hebrew word for male friend?

a male friend of a male = chavér (חבר)a male friend of a female = yadid (ידיד)

What should you do when a male friend says he loves you and has positive feelings for you?

tell him if you feel the same way or not. don't feel guilty if you don't

How should you do when you love a friend as a lover?

Talk to them and tell them about your feelings. Unless you don't want them to know.

How do you know if your guy friend has feelings for you but he never tells you n he kisses you n all that?

usually if a guy kisses a girl that means that they have feelings for that girl

What do you do if you have a guy friend who loves you as a friend but you begin to like him but you don't want to ruin your frienship?

just let him know that you re starting to have feelings for them. and if they are really your friend, no matter what they will be there