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You don't. The only real way to know that you are pregnant is to see your Dr and have a blood and/or urine test preformed.

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Q: How do you know if your pregnant within 2 weeks without taking a test?
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Can you get pregnant if you leave the patch on without taking it off for 6 weeks?

The patch has to be changed each week. You can change the patch weekly for six weeks, without a week off, if you like. If you do that, there's no additional risk of pregnancy. If you leave the same patch on for six weeks, you could get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant 2 weeks after I stopped taking the pill?

Yes you can.

Can you know you're pregnant within two weeks?


Can you be pregnant 5 weeks after stopping taking the pill. my period hasn't arrived?

yeppers, if you ovulated within 3 weeks after stopping your pill you could get pregnant, and it may even show up on a test soon. I know a lot of people who get pregnant right away after discontinuing the pill.

Can you take birth control while you are 21 weeks pregnant?

There's no benefit from taking birth control when you're 21 weeks pregnant.

What are symptoms of pregnancy within the first four weeks?

you will no if your pregnant after 4 weeks by you have not come on your period

How likely is it to get pregnant after have a baby?

You can become pregnant within 2-4 weeks after the baby is born.

Can you tell if you are pregnant after two weeks without taking a pregnancy test?

No, the only way to tell for sure if you are pregnant is to take a test. 2 weeks after sex the egg have just attached itself to the uterus wall so symptoms are not there yet.

You had a miscarriage 9 weeks ago can you really be pregnant again?

Absolutely. You can ovulate within about 2 weeks of a miscarriage and if you ovulate and have sex you can get pregnant.

How can you tell if you are pregnant or not without taking a pregnancy test?

By having a ultrasound scan when you are over 6 weeks into your suspected pregnancy. Or by having a blood test.

If your 3 weeks pregnant but don't know it should you keep taking the pill in case you aren't or stop taking it in case you are?

Take a pregnancy test, which will certainly be positive if you're three weeks pregnant.

How do you get pregnant in two weeks?

You have to ovulate within that 2 weeks. That is generally mid-cycle You have to be ovulating when you have sex before you can be pregnant. this happens two weeks before your period, usually.

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