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You can use home drug test kit and check your self ... order online or look at your local pharmacies most have in stock urine tests and some times saliva tests. Hair home test you need to order online. If you pass using your first morning urine , with highest concentration , you be good for lab test ... not 100% clean but enough to pass fluid testing . Saliva tests generally detect usage for 2-4 days max 7-12 (heavy smoker) , hair tests - 90 days. Urine and blood tests - time depend on your height and weight, physical activity, how much and often you smoke, grade you smoke, etc..

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no. vinegar doesnt clean your urine of THC.

You can not clean your system of THC for a urine test. THC is stored in fat cells and only time will cleanse it from the system.

No it does not help with THC. Only 30 days of not smoking will clean your system.

Hi there. Unfortunatly, there i no way to clean out your system of THC. Only time can do it. It can take up to 3 months for the THC to completely go away from your system.

Cranberry juice does NOT clean THC out of your system.

you cant, THC stays in the system longer than 24 hours. Only way to clean the system is to stop smoking and stay clean

Drink a lot of pee. I know it sounds weird but it will be out of your system in minutes.

yes it works. if you take enough it will flush your system clean of the THC.

Don't know. Yes I just wasted this question.

Yes it does, THC is in your fat, so if you sweat, it remove the THC

This would depend on your body weight and how much THC is in your system. It "usually" takes approx. 30 days to clean your system of THC.

No. Time is what is necessary.

if i take cephalexin will it detox and clean my body

The fastest way to clean out your system when you weigh that much , is to pee out the THC .ORRR JUST DONT DO DRUGS .,

No it won't. THC is fat soluble, only water and exercise will effectively clean it out of the human body.

The only way to clean your system of THC is to not use it.

Maybe is you ask it nicley.

No. It is in your fat and hair cells.

Pickle juice will not clean your system. Only time can get THC out of your system.

Will it clean my system out for marijuana. <><><> No. Not smoking weed will clean your system.

Niacin will not clean any drug out of your system, at all.

Nothing will clean it from your system. It is in the hair and fat cells. Not using does the trick.

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