How do you know someone wants to be your friend?


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Just ask them, the worst they can say is no.

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No. You can only know someone wants to be friends with you if you get a friend request.

A friend on YouTube is someone you know. And a subscriber is someone who likes your content that you upload, and wants to be notified when you upload videos.

By their actions around you. If they are different around you then her friends then you'll know

it might be he wants to know if you like someone or you might have a crush on him

Say my friend wants me to ask you out for him/her

when you say fancies someone does that mean like someone? well if that what it means then your friend likes a guy. you will know because she wants to be with him more then she does with you(mabey). she will probaly talk bout the guy when she is over your house, or at sleepovers. and if it's a girl that she wants to be her friend she will do anything to get into her fan club OR WHAT EVR YOU GUYS CALL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If someone really wants to be your friend, actions speak louder than words. If they say "your one of my closest friends, I really appreciate you" etc and then never call you, or blow you off to hang around someone else the last minute, they're not really your friend. This is called a fair weather friend. A real friend will always be there for you, in good times and bad. If someone who has always been a good friend has started acting different, maybe you need to ask them whats going on, as it may not be personal. But usually if someone really wants to be your friend, they'll want you around and will make time for you.

You can know someone is your friend if they care for you. They will also spend time talking to you.

Tell her you like her! Be upfront. If she still wants to go out with your friend let her. If it doesn't work out she will know you're there for her. If it does work out you'll definitely find someone else. Good luck!

1. If he/she comes up to you and tries to get to know you more. 2. If he/she sits beside you at lunch. 3. If he/she is kind to you. 4. If he/she is respectful.

It is a time honored tradition to ask someone to divulge their true intentions.

Behave like an adult and be his friend, but let him know that's all you are...not just someone kept in reserve. Then find another guy.

well, if she really wants to be your friend again shes just gonna come out and say it.

If she likes hanging out with you, making hints about being your friend, or even just acting kinder towards you, then she probably wants to be your friend. Who is she?

A girl needs someone that they can depend on and love endlessly! he needs to be the man but know a girl wants respect!

your friend wants you to be a wing man and ask a girl out for him but she said no the first time what do you do?

I think a true friend is someone who wants to hang out with you a lot. A true friend is someone you could tell anything you wouldn't tell to someone else. A true friend keeps your deepest secrets.

it means that she would either want to go out with you, or she wants to date someone that you know (a friend probably)

Typically, a friend is someone you know and trust to some degree. An aquaintance is someone that you barely know.

Nothing. You can't make someone like you. Either he wants to be with her or he doesn't. She'll just have to wait and see or move on.

You know because she is always by you or sometimes tries to be your friend.

Speak to your friend about it.. If she still wants to be best friends with that person, you might have to just accept it. Hopefully your friend will understand from your point of view.

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