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He will always look or smile at you

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He likes you that is what is important. it doesn't matter who else knows you.

You know when a guy likes you when they talk about you to their friends or pretty much pretend they hate you. Aren't guys weird?

if you guys are friends and she likes you but doesn't know you like her back then she probly doesn't show her feelings because she doesn't wont to mess up the relationship, of you guys being friends.

Zoolander. But her says he secretly likes Bring it On. The guys know he likes that movie, but most of his other friends don't know.

See I know she likes me, and she knows I like her. I need advice :(

have a friend ask him for you if he really likes you...or you could flirt with him and see if he flirts back.

you alredy know he likes you so maybe ask him out or you can get close to him and make friends and who knows by Friday night you come home more than friends

She should just show him that she likes somebody else and go flirt with other guys in front of him. So then he knows, and she'll get attention from other guys.

ask his friends if he likes you if he doesn't have any friends you know or just confront him and ask him because most guys are to shy to ask the girl ask his friends if he likes you if he doesn't have any friends you know or just confront him and ask him because most guys are to shy to ask the girl

Maybe he told you he doesn't like anyone because he is not ready to tell you that he likes you. Your friends may know he likes you and he is just too shy to say he likes you. Guys tend to do that.

He probably doesn't know you as well as your other friends, and/or he might feel it would be weird to add you before he knows you.

No, but they are friends. Sokka likes Suki and Yue. Sokka likes BOTH Yue and Suki. he cant get over Yue, but he loves suki. As Said they are friends. And It is true that he likes both of them. But who knows if he likes three. There is one book left ya know.

Who knows?Most guys want to impress their friends, maybe they just want to know what the fuss is about? Never understand what goes on in their minds

try and talk to her friends and get the scoop!.. her friends will always know who she likes

Ask him yourself You also could ask your friends to ask for you. Just go for it.If you really like him don't give up because you don't know if he likes you back.=)

If he is constantly teasing you

If he likes you and you like him,then definitely you guys should date.But make sure your friend is okay with you dating their brother. Before you guys go out,make sure that whatever happens,you guys will always be friends:)

He may feel uncomfortable as you were friends and realizes you have a crush on him. He may only want to be friends but does not want to hurt your feelings and not know what to say to you or he may like you as well as still doesn't know what to say. If you are friends let him contact you when he is ready. He could be playing hard to get. If he knows you like him, maybe he isn't interested anymore. Some guys don't like a girl if they know she likes him because their friends will laugh (quietly) when you walk by, saying things such as "Hey, look, here she comes, dude!" and then they'll make fun of you. Some guys like girls that don't let them know they like him. I know, it's weird. But a few guys are like that.

I would say you already know. You have told him how you feel already and he said he like you as a friend. Which i think is cool i don't have many friends that are guys so you have a special relationship as friends as hard as that may be. I would be friends with him and see how think go but don't wait around for him. You never know if he saw you talking to other guys etc he might think differently. Hope this helps.

when he does things with you that he wouldn't do with his gf because he feels comfortable with you or he dresses nice when he knows you guys will meet or if he does more for you than his gf

Use your instinct. A girl uasally knows when a guy likes you *You find him staring at you. *He would smile at you. To be shore, be friends at c what happens. Good luck!

when his friends aren't around he talks to you and flirts with you. this means he likes you, but does not want to let his "popular" friends know.

he likes you he is just shock that you like him

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