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How do you know what breed your rabbit is?

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Ask an expert or check its pedigree if it has one.

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Can you breed a mini lop eared rabbit with a dwarf lop eared?

Yes, you can breed any rabbit with any rabbit. They will 99.9999999% breed as soon as you put them together. If you breed a rabbit with a different breed though, you don't know how they will turn out.

How big does a bunny rabbit grow?

It depends on the breed of your rabbit it can be anywhere from 2lbs - 22lbs there are small breeds, medium breeds, large breeds, and giant breeds you will have to know the breed of your rabbit to get a accurate answer. Once you know the breed of your rabbit you could get on google and type that breed in and you shouldbe able to easily find the answer. hope this helps.

Should you force a rabbit to breed?

No, if a rabbit does not want to breed with another, harm may come to the other rabbit.

How do know when to ake the male out?

once you've bred the rabbit twice the should stay out until the next time you breed the rabbit once you've bred the rabbit twice the should stay out until the next time you breed the rabbit once you've bred the rabbit twice the should stay out until the next time you breed the rabbit

Is this a rabbit breed long eared rabbit?

Long earred rabbit is not a rabbit breed, The breed with the long ears are Lops, There is mini lops, holland lops, french lops, English lops

Which breed of rabbit has the longest ears?

The English Lop is the breed of rabbit with the longest ears.

Which breed of rabbit is the most aggressive?

a giant lop is the most aggressive breed of rabbit

What is the rarest breed of rabbit?

Sumatran rabbit

What can you breed a dutch rabbit with?

a mexican rabbit

What are lagomorphs?

Lagomorphs are the breed of all the rabbit family that's all I know about Lagomorphs

What if you bred a mini lop and a Californian?

You can breed any rabbit if it is a rabbit and it is the right age to breed.

What is the largest breed of rabbit?

The largest breed of rabbit is the Flemish Giant. The full grown Flemish Giant had a minimum weight of 13 pounds for bucks and a min. of 14 pounds for does. They have no maximum weight. And I know the other guy said that they have a way better temperment than small breeds but this is not true. You can find the sweetest rabbit in any breed and also the meanest in any breed. It's not the breed it's the rabbit. All rabbits have different personalities.

How big can a rabbit become?

It depends on what breed the rabbit is.

How do you know if rabbit ready to breed?

You cant tell when a rabbit is ready to be breed but for a female it is best between 6-8months as her pelivic sturture will have formed at a year and will be hard for her to deliver the babies if it is her first litter.

What is the easiest Angora Rabbit breed?

The French breed.

Can a cat breed with a rabbit?


Will your rabbit breed with the mother?


What is the smallest rabbit?

A mini-lop is the smallest breed of rabbit.

How do you make a female rabbit pregnant?

breed it with a boy rabbit

What are the rarest breed of rabbit?

the germish spotted dear rabbit

What type of rabbit is the Hulstlander?

The Hulstlander is a breed of domestic rabbit.

Can a Dutch rabbit have kittens with non Dutch rabbits?

Baby rabbits are called kittens or kits for short. Any breed of rabbit can breed to any other breed of rabbit. It just won't be purebred.

Can a raccoon breed with a rabbit?

No, either the rabbit will run away for the raccoon will attack the rabbit

Why does your baby rabbit keep mating your other baby rabbit?

What do you consider a baby rabbit?? A 3 to 4 month old rabbit is no longer a baby but is more like an old teenager, and, as we know, teenagers can breed and reproduce.

Can a rex rabbit and a harlequin rabbit breed?

Yes you can breed a Rex and a Harlequin but the babies would me a mixed breed. They wouldn't be reconized by the ARBA therefore they will not be showable.