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You look up the meaning of your vocabulary in a dictionary, or in the glossary of your textbook. These places are where words are defined. You can also find dictionaries online. If you don't have one bookmarked, just go to and type the vocabulary word into the search box.

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Q: How do you know what your vocabulary terms mean?
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What are key terms?

Key terms are Vocabulary that someone should know in order to understand the topic. - Bree

Why is it important to learn vocabulary?

Without vocabulary, you cannot form and understand sentences. If you don't know what the words you read mean, you can't understand what the material says. If you don't know what the terms mean, you can't understand the math or science explanations.Vocabulary is like a set of Legos - if you don't have the basic pieces, you can't make the model of the Millenium Falcon.

What are some vocabulary terms from runner by Carl Deuker?

Some vocabulary terms from "Runner" by Carl Deuker include perseverance, redemption, mentorship, and determination.

What does 'colorful vocabulary' mean?

it means you swear a lot or you know many bad words

What is the vocabulary word for mean?

Here are some words that mean the same thing....or are similar but I don't know if there Vocabulary words..1.Upset2.Rude3.Not pleasent4.Unpleased5.Gloomy (not sure about this one)6.Not Nice7.Wrongand more....

Why is the study of medical terminology a core course in health insurance professional program?

A understanding of medical terms is needed to sell health insurance. These terms will be used constantly. Each profession has a vocabulary that is used by the people in the profession and to do the work a person needs to know and use the vocabulary.

What is English vocabulary?

This word is used in schools for the study of words that you should know or learn. Vocabulary is the collection of words that you use on a daily basis. A large vocabulary is valuable in understanding oral and written communication.

Where is a glossary?

A glossary is a list of terms and their definitions, often found at the end of a it is a vocabulary of foreign or difficult words occurring in the text, it may start at the beginning of the book to warn you of the forthcoming difficulties

What are Romania's vocabulary terms?

The Romanian language is a Latin (Romanic) language.

What does vocab mean?


What does the idiom he tried to bone up on his vocabulary before the test mean?

He tried to master his words before the vocabulary test. To "bone up" means to review, to remind yourself of what you already know.

Which of thr following sections of the SAT reasoning test assesses your vocabulary knowledge?

50% of a student's SAT Reading score is based on knowledge of college-bound vocabulary. Vocabulary may also appear in the SAT Math section as students will be expected to know terms such as integer, remainder, and tangential.