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When a small hole in the egg appears, called a peephole, that means it will start to come out in about 12 hours. It may take a little longer, so be ready to wait. You will also be able to here faint peeping. The peeping starts when the duckling puts is bill in the air sack, that is on the large side of the egg. Don't take the duckling(s) out of the incubator or sore of warmth till after at least 12 hours! The duckling(s) won't need food or water for 24 hours.

A great duck-site (Ducks Ducks Ducks) is at the related link listed below -please click it!

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A duck egg can take from 26 to 35 days to hatch. Mallards take 26.5 days to hatch on average.

For a duck egg to hatch with incubation it take approximatly 25-28 days. If the temperture is higher it will hatch faster.

eggsof course the chicken egg.because chickensit on its egg more than a duck. mohamed basithChicken eggs take 21 days to hatch, Duck eggs take about 28 days to hatch.

Most likely since an egg only needs to be kept warm to be hatched. So, if the duck was to sit on the egg and kept it warm enough, it should hatch.

Don't touch the egg if you want it hatch. If you want to eat it carfully pick up the duck and take the egg.

No. The egg is unfertilized, so it will never, ever hatch, under any circumstances.

A fertile, viable duck egg typically hatches 28 days after incubation is begun.

it should move when its about to hatch

by incubator or with a broody hen, hatch them the same way you would hatch Any other duck egg

No. If the female attempted to hatch eggs without a male, the eggs won't be fertile, and the egg will just go rotten.

to hatch a duck it takes 3 weeks

No. You can not hatch an old duck egg. It must be continually kept warm and turned over from the time it is laid until it hatches. Once the duckling inside dies, it can not be revived.

With a Momma Duck! Or you can use a broody hen, if you have chickens.

They don't, they just sit on their eggs until they hatch. Ducks will still try to care for the eggs that do not hatch, eventually they will give up.

yes but i would crack the egg unless there is no animal in it

Yes, turkey, duck, goose, peacock....

It may be difficult or impossible to hatch a duck egg without an incubator. You can try wrapping it in a soft cloth and keeping it warm under a light to see if will hatch. Eggs also must have some humidity and be turned frequently.

Yes, a duck egg that is darkening will still hatch if it is not too late, and is being looked after. Normally, the darkening it the duckling itself.

it may take about 28 days to hatch it depends how worm you are keeping it

Humans frequently do hatch the eggs of ducks and other birds (and reptiles) using incubators.

It Taked Approx 28 Days for a duck to stay on her eggs , Conor Cunninghaam xP;

Once I had a chicken egg that got a crack in it when it was 2 week into incubation and it still hatched. If the membrane (the skin inside the egg) isn't broken then it can hatch :) :).

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