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when he asks you to be with him forever, he looks into you eyes and tells you your beautiful.

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If a guy is interested in you does it means he loves you?

Answer No. It means he likes you, he is interested and wants to get to know you better.

How do you know if a guy likes or loves you or he just sees you as a friend though complements you a lot?

how he lookes at you!!!!!!!!!!!! you girls are hopless i mean i am a guy and when a guy compliments you and lookes at you a lot he likes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you know if a guy likes you or loves you?

He likes you if he gets nervous around you or talks a lot around you and tries to make you laugh. He loves you if he is more passionate and gives you gifts.

What do you do if you love this guy but you dont know if he loves you?

You could always ask him out, and based on his answer you will find out if he likes you or not.

How would you know if a guy likes but you're married?

If you're married then it really shouldn't matter. If your husband loves you then that should be enough. Who cares if the other guy likes you?

How do you know a guy still loves you when you don't talk to him anymore?

By the way he looks at you. If he look sat you alot then he likes you.

What does it mean when a guy thinks your funny?

It actually means that the GUY loves you or likes you

What do you do if you like a guy but a different guy announces he likes you?

Let the guy who likes you know you already have interest in some one else. First you should see if the guy you like, likes you back. If he doesn't, see if there is something good between you and the guy that likes you. "It is better to be with some one who loves|likes you then to love|like some one who doesn't love|like you."

How do you know if a guy likes you when texting you?

You may know if the guy likes you when texting if he says he does.

What does it mean when a guy just wants to hook up with you?

it means he likes you he loves you he wants to embrace you is there anything more i can say to let you know the fool likes you?

How would you know if the guy you are with loves you?

you will know if the guy you are with loves you if he respects you, treats you for who you are, and if he can see himself in a future with you.

How do you know if a guy likes you for your looks?

Ask him what his favourite thing is about you. If he says he thinks your hot then he likes you for your body. If he says your pretty then he likes your face. . .but if he says your beautiful then he loves your heart (personality).

What does it mean if a guy plays with your ring finger?

I had a guy do this to me. It means he likes your company and obv really likes you. My guy loves playing with my ring finger.

Is there a song about a girl that loves a guy but doesn't know if he likes her back?

actually you would be surprised because i believe there is a few songs about it

How do you know if a guy loves you or likes you if he just said i 3 you?

saying i love you is not enough he must show ways that he really love you.

How do you know that a guy loves you but he also likes another girl but that girl likes another guy?

if a guy loves you he'll show it. he'll do things for you that make you feel special and stuff. if he likes another girl he'll start to get irritated by you if you start talking to him about things like relationships and ask "why do girls always want something more? why can't you be happy with what you have?" because they're all stupid.

How do you know if the guy you like likes you but you dont know him?

If a guy likes you but you don't know him he may look at you or walk by you whenever possible.

How do you know if a guy likes someone else?

iam in love with this guy but i do not know if he likes me or some other girl

How do you know if a guy has a crush on you?


How do you know if your Scorpio guy likes you or loves you?

That depends on his behavior when he's with you. Some Scorpios are VERY affectionate whether it's like or love.

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