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He says, "I want you back."

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Q: How do you know when an ex-boyfriend wants you back?
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How can you tell if your exboyfriend wants you back when you hang out?

Instead of looking for signs how about you be the bigger person and actually ask.

What to do if your girlfriend dumps you for his exboyfriend and then she dumps him and comes back to you?

Sounds like she is seeing how far she can go with you. That could be a sign that she don`t know what she wants also. sounds like a confused person.

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

What can i do if my exboyfriend tells me he wants to be with you but is with someone else?

It depends on the type of person he is really.

What does it mean if your ex boyfriend texts you?

An exboyfriend texting you could mean almost anything. It could mean that he just wants to talk, that he wants to get back together with you, that he has something specific that he needs to tell you, etc.

I am madly in love with my exboyfriend I know he is the one for me After 9 months we broke up but still see each other everyday He says he wants his own time but still loves me how do i get him back?

Stop all calls to him. Don't be mean to him, but sort of indifferent as if you want your own time. Be unavailable.

How do I get back my exboyfriend if he is in another girl's arms?

Tell him you want him back and if he doesn't want you after that then find someone else.

Your exboyfriend wants to be a friend?

b freinds i had an ex now we're friends.but now he's crazy and i wonder,what was i thinking!

How do i know if my ex guy wants me back?

If he sees you very often ,then he wants you back.but,you will have to wait.

How do you know if your exboyfreind wants you back?

you know he wants u back if... he says he misses u... or wants to hang a lot... or talk to u everyday... and if he gives u hugs and wants to talk about ur past relationship... nononono if he want's he treats you like he does me

How do you know when you ex wants you back?

If he's still calling ..

How do you know if your ex girlfriend wants you back?

they tell you :) I know that didn't help but i tried!

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to see you ante He said he wants to see me ante but I don't know what ante means Help?

It means that he likes you and he wants to know if you like him back.

How do you know when your ex boyfriend wants you back?

1. He starts calling you. 2. He so happens to be at every place that you're at 3. He wants to be friends but wants to hang out with you all the time 4. He said he wants to get back with you

In French how do you say I am going back to my exboyfriend?

je retourne vers mon ex petit ami.

What if your boyfriend wants space?

just give him space if he wants it and if he doesn't come back you know how much of a prick he was :)

Why would an exboyfriend start talking to you after 2 years He wants to hang out but he is seeing someone else?

As stated, he wants to hang out. Guys don't think overly hard about things, so what he says is what he means.

How do you know when your boyfriend wants to be back with you when you guys are on a break?

* He will call you up to your mobile. * try to talk to you. * help you in prolems. * do everything for you. * these are the ways when your boyfriend wants to be back to you.

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to become closer with you?

He wants to get to know you. This means that he wants to be closer friends and he wants to hang out with you more. He could be sending signals that he likes you and wants you to like him back.

How do you know if a girl wants to ask you out?

she will stare at you and freak out if you dont text her back

What signs show that the guy you like wants you to know he likes you back?

He tells you.

How do you know if your ex want you back?

If your ex wants you back he/she will call, text, or e-mail you ALL the time.

What should a girl do if she wants her ex boyfriend back she knows he loves her and she thinks he wants her back also so how should she go about fixing this problem?

All you can really do is let him know that you are willing to be there for him should he decide to come back to you. But chances are, if he still loves you and wants you back, he'll find a way to get back to you.

You really want to kiss your boyfriend but you dont know if he wants to kiss you back what do you do?

Give him a quick, short kiss and then back off, and if he wants to kiss you he will, and if not you will get the hint. but what if he rejects u

Why is your ex still called you and curious to know about everything on you while she is the one who breaking up with you?

She probably wants to get back with you or she wants to make conversation because she wants to be your friend