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How do you know when girls like you?

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its simple basically the girl does the same thing that a boy would do but usually most girls play hard to get

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Do girls like watersports?

Depends on the girl! Most girls I know like them!

Do girls like boys with muscles?

As far as I know, girls like boys who have muscles and are fit, I, as a girl, like slim but with slight muscles. I don't know how other girls feel about that.

Is the story of Tracy beaker for girls?

no it's not just for girls but mostly girls like it but i do know some boys who like it.

Do Rock Royal like dark skinned girls?

well i dont really know the answer to that but i know he like girls is coke shake bodies

How do girls know if Leo Howard like girls?

He likes girls that are funny, out-going and optimistic =)

Traits of lesbians?

they can act like girls and like girly girls or they they can act like guys and like girls. these are the most important thing to know when it comes to traits.

Why do boys like girls and girls like boys?

During puberty, hormones change and it means that boys and girls get attracted, not that they know it.

Does nat wolff like boys or girls?

girls, he does have a girl firiend you know.

Do girls like boys who like to dress like a girl occasionally?

I know I do.

Do girls like being tickled?

Yes. Girls do like to be tickled but by people they know and trust. Not someone they are strangers to.

How do you boys look at girls they look?

I dont know we look at girls we like and try to make them like us

Why do boys like to smell girls feet sweat?

I don't know, but I like do smell another place of the girls.

Do guys like redheaded girls?

I don't know about guys and girls but i do know about girls and guys! i have a crush on this red headed boy and so does my friend and also my worst enemy so most girls do like guys with red hair.

Why girls don't play FPS games?

Girls like FPS Games. I know a lot of girls who play them.

I think i like this girl but i don't know cause i gave up on girls but how do i know i did for sure?

you cant really make your self become gay or heterual sexual if you still like girls then guess wht........... u like girls

Do girls like swirlys?

it depends the girl,i know i do

Hey guys you know your English is not that goodbut you have a question you don't know a songs name Its kind of like a technorap and the it keeps saying girls girls or you don't know?

girls by the beastie boys

Does Bruno Mars like white girls?

well if he lies you then he does but if he doesn't like you then go with it so you know he can like black or white girls

Does Nick Jonas like girls who play piano and guitar?

i dont know but he loves girls who love music like him

What he like in girls?

I do not know who u r talking about. But boys like myself like girls who r nice,hot, and cool .but Manley hot Plus I don't know how to make a question but I know how to answer one on this site HElp me

How do you find girls to talk to on msn?

You should add girls that you know and like to your msn contact list. You should not add random girls you do not know to your contact list.

Why do boys always ignore girls?

They will ignore girls because they like them but don't know how to show it.

Do girls like it when you call them pretty?

Most girls do, but some could get creeped out if they don't know you.

Dose nat like black girls?

He might, but how am i supposed to know. :) He might, but how am i supposed to know. i bet he does, he is so sweet i bet he would like Blake girls too.

Do girls like gauges?

Depend on the girl, I know me and my friends personally don't like them. Other girls it depends on the sizes. And others like them alot.