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Hiding his feelings is not proof that he loves you, and it is also not proof that he does not love you. Typically, guys don't go in for all the feeling sharing stuff.

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If he is earnest with his behavior and intentions that he wishes good for you, he like you, why need for demonstration.

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Q: How do you know when he likes you but is hiding his feelings?
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What do you do when your best friend that you have dated before but then broke up but you still know he still like likes you but he won't admit it and you like like him too?

If you still like him dont hide your feelings from him, specially if he is not hiding his feelings from you! and i already did that he was to shy to admit he likes me back. -renessmee_cullen

How can you tell if a guy has feelings for you?

If he likes you, you will know.

How do you know if you hurt the feelings of the guy who likes you?

He will not talk to you and avoid you.

How do you understanding your friends?

Get to know more about them. Their likes, dislikes, thoughts and feelings.

Why is it when you like a young asian woman no matter how much she does not look at you or show no interest in you at all you like her even more and feel she is hiding her feelings from you?

Most likely she isn't hiding feelings because she shows no interest in you. It is all in your mind that she is hiding feelings. She doesn't have to hide feelings because she doesn't look at you or think about you. This is your problem not hers and she may not even know you exist. oh she is.

How do you get someone you love to like you?

Know what she likes and what she likes is to what you give to her or say your feelings to her and even do relationships STEP BY STEP.

How do you know when a boy has mixed feelings for a girl?

does it mean he likes you and he is trying to show it?

Why is the guy you like so quiet around you when you used to flirt?

Because he shy to tell you he really likes you he is hiding his true feelings like all boys.

What do you do if you know a girl likes you but you don't know how to attract her?

You should just be yourself she may not like you as much if you change and if she likes you already then you should inform her of your feelings toward her.

What does a guy does when he likes you?

Well, I know that immature guys tend to flirt like little kids, you know, picking on you, like hiding your stuff.

How did you know if he likes you?

how do you know if he likes you?well its hard too know for definite without asking..sometime's he'll joke and carry-on because he's too shy to show his true feelings ..

How do you know if he's hiding his love from you if he says he doesn't have feelings for you but when you're together he's all over you?

He's not hiding his love for you because there is no love. There is only sexual attraction. I would ditch him.