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You know when he loves you when he takes care of you, and always there for you.


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because danni loves me so i love her its in the eyes !

it is a strong thing to now if someone loves you it is caused by your fellings and if you love them they will love you

* The only way you are going to know if a person loves you is to date them and get to know each other until they decide to tell you if they love you or not.

If the girl says "I love you" then she loves you.. If she already said "I love you" then you know that she really does love you if she tries to talk to you daily... (via text, call, email, in person)

You don't know. There's this thing called trust and sometimes in life you're gonna have to rely on it. so you'll never know if your first love loves you.. what if there is no trust with your first love?

Time... When you know you love them, you'll know if they love you.

Choose the one who loves you......he/she might not be as good looking as the one you love, but at least you know that you can always rely on the person who loves you.


Love isn't dependent on whether or not the other person loves you. You love someone because you love them, it's not conditional on how they feel about you.

I have a boyfriend who I truly love and will do anything for him.. He says he loves me and will marry me one daybut what I want to know does he truly loves me or is he faking it. I love him alot and care for him and his family. NOt to mention he is a mexican.

Ask her if she loves you. You don't know unless you ask or she tells you.

If you love her both of u will defentily know

I don't know of others but I would choose the one who loves me, because whom we love, its not necessary that he/she also loves you.

no he loves me even though he dont know me no he loves me even though he dont know me

if he loves you that is great. but if he doesnt love himself at all he must have very low selfesteam.

Always go by what they do, not by what they say. If his actions say "I love you", then you can be sure that he loves you.

you don't know but your heart will can feel it if that someone loves you...just because someone tells you they love you over a thousand times doesn't always mean they love you...but if someone loves you they will show it to you without speaking a word.

If you are in love with a guy, the way to tell if he loves you back is how he treats you and the things he says. If he makes you feel important and cares for you then he probably loves you back.

You know when someone loves you when they are always talking about you and shy around you. Now that's real love.

I wouldn't focus on how to know she doesn't love you but to make sure that she always loves you.

yes its worrying! if your husband doesn't know why he loves you than, he probably doesn't love you!

You usually know if your pet loves you because it goes up to you & it says " please play with me because i love you

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