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Look into their eyes and ask them to repeat it


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How do you know if a man is lying to you about being a virgin?

You know if someone is lying because they do a nerves thing and they would say it in a voice they don't normally speak

That's an easy one. If the person smiles while saying it

Answer to know if someone is lying ask them what they told you a half hour ago and if they say something totally diffrent cause they dont remember what they told you the first time they are lying

Well I guess you know when you stop wanting to be around them and don't really care what they think of you anymore. Crushes come and go, but if you have stopped liking someone, you'll know. :)

i dont know either[[[[[[[it means to thank someone or liking someone clothes.]]]]]

In my opinion, you start to like someone when you get to know them. Usually you like someone because of their personality. It comes naturally when you start liking someone. It can be when your young, or old, it doesn't matter. You'll know you like someone when you start being more nervous around them then usual. It helps if you know they like you too.

Because they dont look in your eyes!

No.Liking someone is unpredictable. It just doesn't happen overnight. If you really liked someone it would come slowly, as you get to know the person better.

If theres a body lying in the road, you've probably hit someone

You tell him the truth! If he is, then why are you still "liking" other guys? Lying leads to cheating.

Get your friend to ask her friend. Or just see if she shows any sign of either liking you or, if it's negative, liking another guy. Or bring it up to her gently and ask her if she likes anyone...when you ask someone that you can normally tell if they're lying... good luck dude.

You can have a crush or be infatuated from afar with someone you don't know or even may know a little but when you feel you like someone you will like them as an individual and know them.

Liking someone is not necessarily loving someone. We all can "like" someone without being romantically involved. If you think the gal is taking a liking to you, then ask her out for a hamburger. If she declines, at least you will know.

either he would be liking someone who is your friend or may u would be liking him and he would have known this and he wanted to know that u are jealous of him asking about someone other

Someone is lying to you when they are not acting the same as they usaully do.

I'm not exactly sure,but i know it has something to do with love,or liking someone.

They are most likely talking about themselves liking you.

If you're in a relationship yes , if you have a bf/gf why should you be liking someone else ?

Liking someone is when you are attracted to a person. Having interest is in the work they perform.

you will know if its love or obsession. love its TRUE feelings over someone. you care and feel their pain. obsession is liking someone because they are hot and talking about them ALL the time.

most the time that means liking someone more than they like you back

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