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When it is not longer frozen!

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Q: How do you know when something is thawed out?
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Can you refreeze thawed out cookie dough?

No, you mustn't ever refreeze something thats thawed, anything! i wouldnt eat it either sorry

Why is meat be thawed before cooking?

Meat is thawed to defrost it, lets face it if something is frozen it will not cook, so you have to remove it from its icy stage before putting it on the stove

Can thawed cheese be refrozen?

can cheese be thawed and refrozen

How do you use thawed in a sentence?

the chicken was thawed on tuesday

How do you know when frozen chicken has thawed?

it isn't frosty and it is slightly squishy...........and it isn't frozen

Can frozen meat be frozen again?

No, frozen is frozen. But you can refreeze something that has been thawed. You can refreeze thawed meat long as there are still ice crystals on it. Once completely thawed then you need to cook it first then refreeze. This applies to solid pieces only, ground meat once more than half thawed needs to be cooked first then refrozen always.

Is it safe to eat thawed salmon?

it has to be thawed so you can chew it you need to thawed completely. it's safe to eat it.

Does frozen fish weight more the thawed fish?

Fish will weigh less after it is thawed because it loses some water when it is thawed.

You bought thawed raw turkey patties home and refrigerated 3 hours later you put the patties in the freezer Is this safe?

If the meat was thawed under refrigeration and you kept it under refrigeration (except for the short trip home from grocery) for only 3 hours before freezing it, it should be safe. The caveat is that you might not know how the meat was thawed or how long it has been thawed. It sounds like you handled the product all right, but we don't know if the store handled it properly.

Can you refreeze thawed shrimp?

No! Once thawed, you cannot safely refreeze shrimp.

Can you refreeze chicken that thawed but never reached room temp?

If you thawed it out at room temperature or in the microwave - then no. Only consider refreezing meat if it has thawed in the refrigerator.

How do you safely cook a partially thawed turkey?

No, Food poisoning happens when people cook partially thawed food because it is 'only' partially thawed

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