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How do you know when the sunflower head is ripe?

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The best way is to test the seeds by taste and appearance. If the inside of the seed looks green or empty then it is not ripe. The seeds ripen from the outside of the head to the center. The petals will be shriveled, the head down-turned and yellow on the back. Sometimes the seeds - especially those in the middle - do not ever fill properly. When ripe, it is easier to rub the seed loose from the head. The seed color usually darkens also.

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What is the reproduction of a sunflower?

Reproduction takes place in the head of the sunflower!!!

What if your sunflower droops?

The head of a sunflower will naturally droop as it forms seeds. If your sunflower is drooping before it has even formed a head, it likely needs more water.

How do you know when an apple is ripe?

you know when a apple is ripe when it is in full color and is not mushy.

How do you know if a kiwi berry is ripe?

you know if it is ripe when it goes the right colour

What season does mango's ripe in?

=They ripe in i don't know season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

How many seeds can be produced from one sunflower head?

Up to 1,000 seeds can be produced from one sunflower head. Some may produce more or less depending on the exact sunflower.

Does a sunflower have seed?

Yes, when a sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is in bloom, the flowers are really in the dark middle. As the bracts (what we call petals) fade, the seeds are growing in that middle. When the seeds are ripe and you, or a bird, can eat them, the head will be drooping towards the ground where either you can collect them, or the seeds will fall to the ground for next year's display.

How do you know if an orange is ripe?

if the orange smells juicy than it is ripe

How do you know sunflower is alive?

During day the sunflower moves its head i.e. the flower according to the movement of sun. during night it drops down. only living things show movement.

Why is a sunflower called a sunflower?

it looks like sun hence it is called as sunflower its head also follows the sun on its course during the day.zaf.

How do you know if cranberry is ripe?

You do not.

How do you know if cherries are ripe?

When the birds start eating them like crazy, they are ripe.

What is a part of the sunflower?

headAnswer:First, the "Sunflower" is native to the Americas.The sunflower is comprised of many smaller flowers very close together, forming what is known as florets. These florets as a whole is called the head or flower of the sunflower. The florets, spiral forming the flower/head and can grow to as large as 15" (381mm) in diameter and up to 15 feet (4.57M) tall.

How heavy is a head of cauliflower?

It is 2-3 pounds when ripe.

Does a sunflower have nectar?

YES! They have a lot of nectar, because the "head" of a sunflower is made up of 4,000 tiny flowers.

How do you know when a banana is ripe?

when it is yellow

After pollination which way does a Sunflower head turn?

after pollination, a sunflowers head turns to the north.

Where does sunflower oil come from?

Sunflower oil is made from the oil that is contained in the flower-head seeds of the sunflower. Very high pressure is applied to the seeds to extract the oil.

Do larger sunflower heads produce larger sunflower seeds?

Not necessarily. While a smaller than average head will definitely have smaller seeds, a larger than average head will simply have more seeds of the typical size. There is an upper limit on how large sunflower seeds can be (the limit depends on the breed of sunflower).

What does ripe mean?

Ripe, as in food ripe means it is ready to pluck off the tree and eat. Like peaches, they have to be ripe. Bananas can be overripe though. In other terms I don't know another definition for ripe other than that...

Do you plant the head of a sunflower or do you take the seeds out?

You Take the seeds out :)

How are sunflower seeds dispersed?

Sunflower seeds are dispersed primarily by gravity. The head dies and dries up, causing the seeds to fall out.

How do you know a cowhorn pepper is ripe?

Varys in size. When ripe there deep green in color and feels thick when squeezed.

How do you know when a guava is ripe?

The guava is usually green before maturity, but becomes yellow, maroon, or green when ripe.

How do you know when an ataulfo mango is ripe?

When it's ripe it will smell really nice. That's the best way to tell.