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A certain speeds, your steering wheel starts to shake.

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Q: How do you know when tires need balancing?
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Why do the front wheels wobble when driving?

It means your front tires need balancing

Why do you have vibrations in your'96 Saturn SL2 at high speeds?

Tires need balancing?

Why does Saturn ls2 start shaking at 60mph?

Perhaps tires need balancing

What isvehicle bouncing?

Shock absorbers are worn, wheels/tires need balancing.

Does mounting and balancing refer to installing the tires on to the car?

The process of mounting and balancing a set of tires is done with the tires off the vehicle but it is generally understood that the tires will be fitted to the vehicle after the work of mounting and balancing is done .

1994 Honda accord ex shakes when you drive it?

Tires may need balancing

When your rear wheel drive car is in the air why do the wheels shake at 30 Mph?

Tires need balancing.

Do aftermarket wheels require balancing If not how do you tell which wheels don't require balancing?

All wheels require balancing once the tires are put on, The wheel may be manufactured perfectly but its the tire that has imperfections and causes the whole assembly to need balancing.

Is index and Balancing needed on new tires?

Yes, balancing is matching the tire to the rim. No two tires or rims are exactly the same and so balancing is always required when mounting a different tire to a rim.

Is balancing tires the same as rotating them?

No, rotating simple switches the position of the tires from their current locations. Balancing involves placing counter weights onto the rims. Hope this helps.

Tire Balancing?

form_title=Tire Balancing form_header=Keep your tires balanced so that you can drive safely! What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?=_ How many miles are on your car?=_ What kind of tires are on your vehicle?=_ How old are your tires and how many miles do they have on them?=_

Why does your peugeot 607 have a front end wobble?

could need a tire balancing. Also check the tires to see if you dont have a bubble on one of them

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