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de + le = du usually meaning "some" As I would like du cafe. (some coffee)

a + le = au usually means "to the" As in let's go "au bar" (to the bar). This is how I remember it as an English speaker who tries hard!

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Q: How do you know when to use either du or au in french?
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When do you use Au the word for in in french?

You use 'au' to say 'to the' or 'at the' before a masculine word.

What word do you use to say good by in french?


Is au natural French or Latin?

None. It's au naturel and that's french.

What is 'au revoir' when translated from French to English?

Au revoir! in French is "Goodbye!" in English.

Say hi and bye in french?

hi > "salut" or "bonjour" bye > "salut" or "au revoir"

How do you translate 'let me know' in french?

faites moi savoir or tenez moi au courant

What is au in french?

In at

How do you ask someone to go to the movies with you in french?

If you know them: Vas-tu au cinema avec moi? If you don't, or you don't know them well: Allez-vous au cinema avec moi?

What does au college means in French?

"au collège" means 'in [junior] high school' in French.

How do you say play football in french?

to play football is jouer au foot, jouer au football in French. To play football - Jouer au foot ball in french

What verb goes with the sports in french?

Your question is a little hard to understand. To translate "play [sport]" into French, you use the formula "jouer au..." For example: I play tennis. -- Je joue au tennis.

Is Au in french feminine or masculine?

"au" is used for masculine.