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How do you know when your iPod is fully charged?

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The indicator light will be green when the iPod is fully charged.

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How do you know if your MP3 is fully charged?

Actually it depends..when my iPod is charged it says in the scream..."Charged"

How do you know if your ipod is fully charged?

it will say in the top right corn charging or charged

Why will your iPod Shuffle 4th generation not turn on and it is charged?

There might be something wrong with your iPod shuffle... Or make sure you know it is FULLY charged. Hope this helped!

How long is the battery charge on the Apple iPod Shuffle when fully charged?

Playback time in an Ipod Shuffle is up to 10 hours when fully charged.

What color is my ipod shuffle's light when it is fully charged?


Do new ipod touchs come fully charged?


How do you fix a iPod that has cutt off and won't cut back on but its fully charged?

It is not always possible to fix a iPod that has cut off and won't cut back on but is fully charged. You may be able to reset the iPod. Many times, the iPod will have to be repaired from Apple.

How do you know when an iPod Shuffle is fully charged?

I believe that if you hook it up to your computer, it should show a bar with how much battery you have.

Does the ipod touch 3rd generation 8gb come fully charged?

Nothing with inbuilt batteries comes fully charged. It may have enough (usually it doesn't though) to power it on, but you'll need to charge most electronic devices before you use them. I know for a fact anything from Apple needs to be charged. That includes the iPod.

How do you know when your iPod Shuffle 1gb is fully charged because it has no screen?

The little light will turn from from an "orange-ish" color to a green.

How do you know when your ipod touch is charged?

The small battery icon in the top right corner of the screen will have a picture of a plug in it when it is fully charged. When it is still charging it will have a picture of a lightning bolt.

How long does a iPod Classic stay on when its fully charged?

36 hours i think

If your ipod is saying do not connect while it is plugged in and it is fully charged what do you do?

get a new one:)

How do you know when your 3ds is fully charged?

When the 3DS is fully charged, the orange 'charging' light will turn off.

How do you know if your MP4 player is fully charged?

there is a icon on the right top of the screen, it will show you wheather it is fully charged or not

Does the ipod touch come fully charged?

Unfortunately, you will have to charge the iPod before use. However, it does not take very long. -Kristi

Does your iPod touchhave to be fully charged before downloading music?

No, you do not have to have a 100% battery to download music.

How do you know when the Droid Eris is fully charged?

where the battery bar will be fully green

Is it ok to charge an iPod battery before it is fully discharged?

It is always good to charge a battery to its full capacity before it is fully charged.

How do know when your DS lite is fully charged?

The orange charging light will switch off once the DS Lite is fully charged.

How do you know when your Nook is fully charged?

it will tell you love, me

How will you know when your iPhone is charged?

When your iphone is fully charged, the battery on your lockscreen will be completely green.

How long should your ipod touch 2G battery last?

if it is fully charged 7-10 hours

How do you know if your iPod shuffle is charging?

i don't care of this question jk ! i don't know i had trouble with this myself. normally you can tell when your iPod shuffle is charging is because the little light will turn orange when it's on the charger and when it's fully charged the light will turn green!

Ipod touch is fully charged and won't turn on?

Well penerweiner, Sorry but your screen is probably broken :O

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