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It is hard to say for sure if your rabbit doesnt like a food as rabbits don't make any noises. Obviously if a rabbit leaves the food for a period of time then they don't like it. Try putting some different foods in a bowl then see which ones your rabbit eats or eats first. Normally if you try to feed a rabbit and they turn there head away or refuse to eat it when you put it by their mouth, then they don't want to eat it. It is tricky though because it can be that sometimes theyre just not hungry

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How do rabbit get their nutrients?

They get it from the food they eats so you must know what kind of food to give them.

How do you know which brand of rabbit food you should buy for your rabbit?

When I got my rabbit, I asked what she had been fed on whilst at the shop and I've kept her on that food.

How do you know when to give your rabbit food?

Whenever the food bowl is low and/or if you walk by him/her and they suddenly perk up at the smell of food. But the latter is not always reliable; s/he may just love that treat and want it even if s/he is not hungry. You don't. You give it food whenever it is out of food. Always make sure your rabbit's water bottle is always filled, too. Your rabbit will like you better if you give it extra special care.

What do rabbits like to eat besides carrots?

They eat anything! I have a rabbit and I give her carrots, lettuce, rabbit food, been sprouts, grass, hay, cucumber, you can basically give them any vegetable! You can try and give them different things, and if they don't eat what you gave them, then you know for next time to not to give it to them!

How do you get a dwarf rabbits attention?

Use alfalfa hay, or anything you know your dwarf rabbit likes.

What should you know before spaying your rabbit?

Before you spay your rabbit, you should know how: much the spay will cost, it will make your bunny not give birth anymore, it will make your rabbit live longer, and it will make your rabbit be HAPPY!

How will you feed rabbit?

Well, I know the answer to the question by experience. You just buy rabbit food at the store, put it in a bowl and in the rabbit's cage. Rabbits need fresh water so the water has to be changed everyday. If you are out of rabbit food, you can give him/her any fruits, vegetables, etc. Sometimes they might eat cereal. I hope this answer helped.

How do you know if your rabbit likes you?

It may lick your hand when you place it in front of him or run p to you when you step in its run.

If your rabbit is pregnant will she store food in her nest?

She will properly I don't know cause I have got a rabbit but it is a boy his name is Puddles

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How do you know when your rabbit will give birth?

Well, just a tip, the average conceiving time for a rabbit is month. Hope this helps :)

How can you tell when your rabbit is about to give birth?

One user said:My rabbit just had 6 rabbits not to long ago and just before the birth the rabbit started pulling out its hair and making its nest. When your rabbit begins to do this you know your rabbit will give birth in less than 24 hours.

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What kind of food does a rabbit eat?

My 150 rabbit eat leaves,meat,grass,popcorn ceral,and they chew on wood.I know its werid, but its true.

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How much rabbit food do you have to put in the bowl?

if you get to know your rabbit by having daily interactions then you will be able to figure out how much your bunny needs. Mine go through a good 2 cups a day each. it also depends on what other food you give your bunny. Rabbits are definately grazers in my observation and i have never met an over fed outdoor rabbit. Only sad stories of underfed ones who eventually die. If when you go to feed you rabbit it shows signs of frantic hunger and desperation to get at the food then you are under feeding.

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