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You would know if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after intercourse and doesn't require you to know when your period should have started.

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If you had your perod you cannot be pregnant. If you had your period 2 times a month you have an irregular period and chould see the doctor. (with an irregular period it is very hard to know when you are able to be pregnant).

That is one way of knowing you are pregnant but some women still have a period while pregnant that is why you should also use the pregnancy test

If you have irregular periods, you can still get pregnant. Unfortunately the only way to tell if you were ovulating (other the over-the-counter tests) is by having a period 14 days then it is too late. So you can skip your period for 3 months strait, then ovulate and get pregnant without warning, and then you won't get your period because you are pregnant and not know for many months.

You might not be pregnant, you know. Sometimes it's regular for your periods to be irregular.

yes, you could be. Occasionally a woman who is pregnant will continue to have periods, though they may become irregular, or different than they were previously. The best way to know for sure is a pregnancy test.

yes, its possible that you can be if your periods has always been irregular they often still longer if you but that's how you know.

some women mistake bleeding from the baby, as a irregular period whom do not know they are pregnant. And there are symptoms such as vomit, irregular bleeding, low self esteem, and much much more.

You don't. The only way to know for sure is to take a home pregnancy test or see a Dr.

No. There are many reasons for change in body temperature. Even when you have a period you might feel flushed. The only way to know if your pregnant is to get a test

If you know you are pregnant and you've had youre period three times in a month there is probably somthing wrong. As far as i know women do not get their periods throughout the pregnancy.

you could be irregular. How old are you? You could also not be eating right. Problems with nutrition.

youlll either get reallly bad sickness or feel really crap. if you suspecty you are then wait and see if it comes. although some people still get ther period wen pregnant.

Uh, yeah.... some women are irregular. I know of some women that don't have their period but every 4-5 months.

You will know if you are pregnant if you miss your period.

usually, woman get the hint they miss their period. but if their period has always been irregular, you should probably take a pregnancy test after intercourse. hope i helped.

It means that your periods may be slihtly irregular, it is very common for this to happen. Otherwise, you might be pregnant, but i think you will know if you are :L

Any time your period is irregular and you have the potential of becoming pregnant TAKE A TEST! I didn't know I was pregnant until almost month 5 because I still had periods. They were irregular but I thought it was just a hormonal or stress thing. The sooner you get prenatal care the better. Better safe than sorry.

If you suspect pregnancy you should get tested immediately because with irregular periods you could go a long time without knowing you're pregnant and you need to get the proper care and make sure you stop smoking or taking any drugs or alcohol.

If you had your period then you are not pregnant.

If a girl has her period it all she is not pregnant. Irregularities in when the girl starts her period are a natural phenomena. the only way to control is, is by using the anticonception pill, but "the girl" has to see her doctor about that.

you do not have your period if you're pregnant. if you miss it, then you know to check.

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