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How do you know whether a boy likes you?

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This is more of advice,

If you want to know if a boy likes you, JUST ASK!!!

Sure maybe he'll laugh and say no, depends on the guy,

but hey, at least he knows and maybe he'll consider it and also

at least you told him and know he knows how feel.


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You will know if the girl likes the boy , as she might become friendly all of a sudden.

A boy likes you when they keep bothering you

he acts really shy around you or acts really stupid around you

why does he have to say it if you know its true?...

You know when a guy likes you when he asks you out and shows a shine to you

If a boy likes you he will look at you or just ask you out if you like him let him know one way or another

Where he points his butt has absolutely nothing to do with whether he likes you.

Well he might like you but for some reason he dosent know it. He just gets weird feelings about you

You can tell that a boy likes you if he looks at you a lot or he will send you a note sating that he likes you

Check what and how much he likes to share with you...

you know if a boy likes if he gets nervous when he is around you, stumbles alot when he sees you, and he is always finding an excuse to talk to you.

If you think that a boy likes you, whether he thinks that you know or not, you really should look inside yourself and see if you like him back. If you do, then tell him you like him and see what happens. If you don't like him like that, be a friend to him, but don't worry if he likes you or not. He will tell you if he does. Deal with it then.

The best way to know is to ask him.

when he does anything to talk to you

if he farts on your face

If a boy likes you he'll > start to play with you and >he'll ask you if your ok

You can tell if the boy in your karate class likes you if he shows some interest in you.

You know a boy likes you because he enjoys spending one-on-one time with you, is usually in a good mood around you, and is open with you.

Same way you know if anyone else likes you: ask him.

He likes you that is what is important. it doesn't matter who else knows you.

You don't. You just have to try and think about their personality types and whether or not you can imagine them fitting together.

if a boy likes you in 2nd grade he stares at you and he said no mean on that and he said yes oops go that boy

If the boy or girl appear to be watching you, he or she is interested.

how you will know if a boy really likes you he will act all shy around you and he will blush sometimes. and when you talk to him he will not know what to say.! fingers crossed that he likes you honey!