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The snap should not be too large or too small for the garment you are making. Consider the user and the size of their hands as well.

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Why is it better to use a sewing machine?

well if you know how to use one, then its speed and technique easily outweighs hand sewing.

Did a seamstress in 1700 use a sewing machine?

somebody answer this pronto i have a project due and need this info.

How hard is it to use the 'design your own stitch' feature of the Project Runway Sewing Machine?

It's very easy and straightforward. The Project Runway Sewing Machine has been designed with the home user in mind, so all of the features are easy to use and logical.

What is the use of a sewing machine?

the use of sewing machine is to sew

What will you do if you did not have a sewing machine?

If you do not have a sewing machine you will be alright without one. If you need to fix small problems with fabric items, you can sew them up with a simple needle and thread. If you want to do a large project on a machine see if there is a local sewing gallery or community center that rents out machines or will let you use theirs.

What tools can you use for sewing?

Needle and thread. Sewing machine.

How do you take care the sewing machine?

Use plastic to cover the sewing.

What equipment do you use for fine sewing?

a needle or a sewing machine and thread.

What is the use of sewing box?

is a place where we can put our sewing materials.

Can you use sewing thread to bead with?

Beading thread is usually finer (thinner) and stronger than sewing thread. There are so many different kinds of sewing thread, it's hard to answer your question. Using the correct thread for the project is important in you want your work to last. You can get a sense of pride for a job well done.

Do you need a sewing machine if you have an overlock machine?

Yes, you still need a sewing machine, as the overlock machine is designed simply to finish the edges of the fabric. Overlock machines do not go backwards, turn, zigzag, or anything stitch functions that you may need (depending on what you are sewing) You do not absolutely need a sewing machine if it's a quick and easy project (such as a repair, or a pillow), but for everyday use, you need both.

What is the basic stitch length for sewing?

Stitch length is going to depend greatly on the fabric. You are going to use a longer stitch length on denim than you are on chiffon. That is why it is important to test and adjust your stitch length on a scrap of fabric before you begin sewing your project.

Do people still use hand sewing machine's?

To the best of my knowledge people still use hand sewing machines

How do you use a sewing machine safely?

In order to use a sewing machine safely, you need to be attentive. Keep your eyes on the needle and keep your hands away from the moving machanism. If you do not know how to use a feature, especially one that involves changing out parts, read the directions carefully first.

What is the sewing machine first use for?

Sewing peoples clothes before there was stores to buy them at.

How do you make baby clothes without needles or sewing them?

You should use a sewing glue.

What determines the type of sewing machine needle you use?

depends on what kind of material your sewing

What kind of sewing machine should I get if I have plenty of space for it and plenty of money to spend on it, but know nothing about how to use it and need as much instruction as possible?

The Reliable 20U73 Professional Zig-Zag Straight Stitch Sewing Machine is pricey but is easy to use.

Does the inventor of the sewing machine still affect us today?

yes because we still use sewing machines today so without the inventor we wouldn't be able to use them. if you use a sewing machine then yes - the inventor affects you

How does the sewing machine impact the environment?

Using a sewing machine you have to use electricity, which means you are polluting

What did people use before sewing machines?

Before sewing machines people sewed by hand.

How do you not poke yourself with a sewing needle?

If you use a thimble, it can help prevent sewing needle pricks.

What sewing machine is best for making baby dresses?

Singer Sewing Co 7442 30 Stitch Sewing Machine would be a great sewing machine to use to make baby dresses.

Clarify the purpose of a project?

Do you know of any stakeholders I might be overlooking? Who is the project initiator? Has a project champion been established yet? Who will use the end product? Are there any underlying needs to be addressed? What priority does this project have?

What size of sewing needle do you use while sewing denim?

when i sew denim, i usuaklly use a size 16 or larger, depending on the thickness of the dennim, you can ask for further advice at the place where you purchace your sewing supplies