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#1 reason you will hate someone : they ruin your birthday

but you know you hate them when you want to cry when you interact with the person

you are very happy then the person says a few words to you and you cry

you see them and are mad

you will know

Another view:

Hate is a strong emotion, but often a misunderstood one, too. In most cases, in order to hate someone you first have to care enough about them or their actions to even be able to hate. It goes back to that old adage, "There is a fine line between love and hate", which is quite often true.

For example: You find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you with your best friend. You loved your boyfriend and your best friend, yet they betrayed you in the worst possible way. First you feel incredible hurt, but since anger is easier to deal with than hurt, you turn it into anger. That anger then turns into hate towards your ex boyfriend and your (now ex) best friend. But had you not loved your boyfriend and your best friend, it wouldn't hurt as much would it? No. But you did love them, which is an emotion you can't just flip a switch to turn off. So what do you do? You turn that hurt into anger, then into hate.

But, is it really hate, or is it hurt turned into anger turned in hate? In order for you to answer your own question, you first have to ask yourself if it really is hate or is it hurt turned into an emotion you can cope with better than you can cope with hurt.

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How do you let someone know you hate them?

Give them hints or make them hate you.

Is it ever okay to hate someone?

i don't know the reason why i hate my brother

What does Amanda Bynes Hate?

yes she does. every one has to hate someone or something. don't you hate someone? i know you do. because i know i hate somethings and some people. so here is something to think about. and i want you to think about something or someone you hate and tell someone. tell the first person you see when you walk away from this computer, but don't tell a stranger.

How do you know when somebody hate you?

You know when someone hates you when they act annoyed around you, hate being around you, or backbite abouot you.... :D

How do you tell someone you hate them nicely?

walk up to them, say i thought you should know, i hate you. its that easy.there is no "nice" way to hate

How do you know you care about someone?

You will know when you care for someone. If you love someone you'll know. If you hate someone you'll know. Your brain tells you. Now, go think up a better :YOU JUST KNOW!

How do you know if you love someone or hate them?

If you have to ask, for sure you don't love them.

How do you hate on someone?

That is not kind to hate someone, no matter WHAT they did to you.

Why does the person who answers this hate you?

You're assuming something unlikely. It's hard to hate someone one doesn't know.

Is hate the first sign of love?

absolutely.... you have to hate someone to learn to know learn to like them.... then finally you learn to love them

How do you know when someone is over their ex?

uhm... they scream at them i hate you. Rach is gay.

What is the difference between love and acquaintance?

You either love someone, hate someone or know and kida like someone, the last one is aqatince !

Can you hate someone without knowing it?

I don't believe that you could hate someone without knowing it. If you hate someone you would have to be aware of the fact. There are strong emotions that go with and follow anger and hatred. Sometimes Rage. When emotional distress surfaces, it's impossible NOT to know if it's there.

If a guy let a girl know he had feelings for her would she hate him for it?

She wouldn't hate you! She would be thrilled to have someone like her. Plus,you would get her attention...

How do you know when you hate someone?

When you have a feeling of dread or opposition towards one. If you feel that they're always doing something wrong, or being so annoying or against your thoughts of what one would be, that is when you know that you hate someone. Also when you think that they're bad and annoying but you won't admit that you truly and completely hate them, those could be some signs of you hating someone.

What do you do when your in love with someone and they dont know it?

It's easy you flirt with her and say you hate her and chase her for fun.

Why would someone tell you that they hate you because they love you?

because they feel uncomforable letting you know.

When someone says they hate you do they really mean it?

Not usually. People usually say "I hate you" because they are angry and don't know how to show anger in a mature manner.

How do you know that someone hate you?

Hate is a very strong, negative word. The best thing is to talk to the person you think hates you. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding. You will not know unless you talk and communicate with that person.

Do a lot of people hate miley?

Sure. Every celebrity has a lot of haters and fans. But I don't belive in that. You can't really hate someone you don't know. Sure you might of met her at a concert but that doesn't mean you know her. People hate that she is being naughty not her!!

how do u know someone has a crush on u?

Ask them if they do or not.

Are they just memory's when you see someone with the same mannerism's of someone you know?

even if you hate a person then also its not just a memory but a good memory

Why you hate somebody?

Speaking honestly, I can't hate anyone, but I think that we hate people when we can't understand them. Answer: It's not really the person we hate but what they have done. We hate someone because that someone did something we dislike.

What does it mean when you dream about a tomahawk being thrown at you?

it means that someone you may not know that well, well................. they HATE YOU

How do you know if you hate that person?

they say somethink mean to u they go off with someone else lol:)