How do you know you hate someone?

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2010-02-25 03:38:50

#1 reason you will hate someone : they ruin your birthday

but you know you hate them when you want to cry when you

interact with the person

you are very happy then the person says a few words to you and

you cry

you see them and are mad

you will know

Another view:

Hate is a strong emotion, but often a misunderstood one, too. In

most cases, in order to hate someone you first have to care enough

about them or their actions to even be able to hate. It goes back

to that old adage, "There is a fine line between love and hate",

which is quite often true.

For example: You find out your boyfriend has been cheating on

you with your best friend. You loved your boyfriend and your best

friend, yet they betrayed you in the worst possible way. First you

feel incredible hurt, but since anger is easier to deal with than

hurt, you turn it into anger. That anger then turns into hate

towards your ex boyfriend and your (now ex) best friend. But had

you not loved your boyfriend and your best friend, it wouldn't hurt

as much would it? No. But you did love them, which is an emotion

you can't just flip a switch to turn off. So what do you do? You

turn that hurt into anger, then into hate.

But, is it really hate, or is it hurt turned into anger turned

in hate? In order for you to answer your own question, you first

have to ask yourself if it really is hate or is it hurt turned into

an emotion you can cope with better than you can cope with


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