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follow him. smell his dick when he gets home

I think people know in their hearts when something is wrong. Are you connecting with him as you first did in your marriage?

They may not be as intimate, they may txt on their phone more, they may leave the room to make a call.

If you want to be sneaky about it you can check the phone and try to follow him. However, if you cant communicate your feelings of neglect, isn't that a huge issue?

Cheating is a symptom of a bigger problem. Communicate!

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Q: How do you know your husband is having an affair?
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How do you know if your husband is having an affair?

Hire someone to follow him.

If another woman if having affair with your husband what charges can you file on her she is my niece?

None. Having an affair is not a criminal matter for her. I don't know what country you live in, but maybe your husband is guilty of some adultery crime.

Can you sue your husband for having an affair?


Does your husband has more chemistry with the woman he's having an affair with than he does with you?

Yes, that is why he is having an affair.

What are the symptoms when your husband has an affair?

if he is accusing you of having an affair, when you are not.

Did I do the right thing by telling the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband?

No, it is not a mistake to tell the husband his wife was having an affair with your husband. However, some wives can be in denial and they may not believe their husband is cheating, but most do.

What should you do with friend who thinks that you are having an affair with her boyfriend or husband?

Confront him/her and tell the truth, if you are or aren't having a(n) affair with her boyfried/husband/fiance.

What do you say to the person your husband is having an emotional affair with?

Take what you said to your husband (because, you know, he's not without blame for this, either), and modify it as you see fit.

Is Bianca in eastenders having an affair?

No she is not having an affair. The person she has been calling is actually her husband Ricky. They are using role play.

What do you do if you classify your husband affair material?

ANSWER: Even if your husband is an affair material, that will not be his legit reason why he is having an affair. It can't be that he is not getting his needs at home, it will explain why he ask you to marry him if he will betrayed you.

Is leann rimes having an affair?

She did have an affair on her now ex-husband, Dean Sheremet and is currently married to the guy she had an affair with, Eddie Cibrian. Whether she is having an affair on Mr. Cibrian is currently unknown.

If your husband is talking a lot with a female coworker on the phone and youcall her to ask her questions and she acts like she don't know him is this a problem?

Most definitely - sounds like the start of an affair or they are already having an affair, confront your husband or her face to face.

Would you know if your boyfriend was having an affair?

That depends on YOU. If you question that you would know that or not, than your boyfriend very possibly could be having an affair and you not know about it.

How did Ali know that her dad was having an affair?

Ali's father wasn't having an affair. Aria's was. His name was Byron, and he was having an affair with Meredith a woman at his college.

If your getting a divorce and you know your husband is impotent and then all of a sudden you find his levitra prescription do you think he is having an affair?

Maybe he is just trying to get the feeling back because of his alleged impotence. If you were getting a divorce in the first place why are you worry about his having an affair?

Having an affair and want the other man?

Your detail is not really complete, and it will be hard to help you. So I will do my best. If you are the wife and you have this problem your life will be a mess more than you know. Did your husband knows what going on behind his back, if he is the two of you are heading to a divorce court. But if your husband don't know and you fell in love with the man that you're having an affair it will not be fair to your husband. My question to you is, are you sure that you want the other man, or it's all about lust?..

Can you make your x-husband move out of the house?

husband is having an affair and giving her money. Can I make him move out of the house?

Why did elizabeth proctor fire Abigail from being her housekeeper?

because she was having an affair with her husband

Is Mrs Obama having an affair at the Olympics?

No. She is a public figure and it is clear she is in love with her husband.

What are the release dates for Trisha - 2012 Is My Husband Having a Secret Affair with My Mom 2-52?

Trisha - 2012 Is My Husband Having a Secret Affair with My Mom 2-52 was released on: USA: 16 December 2013

Does a man always get custody when there is an affair?

No, a man does not always get custody. If one of the people in a marriage has an affair, it is usually the person not having an affair that gets custody of the child or children.For example, if the husband is having an affair, and the wife wants a divorce, the woman (wife) would get the custody of the child or children, and not the man (husband). This is the same vice versa, too.

Best friend having an affair with a friends' husband?

Best friend having an affair with friends husband? I recently found out that my best friend is having an affair with the husband of a couple my husband and I hang out with often. It seems, the affair has been going on for several months (almost a year) but I found out about it a few weeks ago. My best friend was sworn to secrecy by him and was made to promise that she would never tell me but one night, while I was at her place having drinks, she had a few too many and spilled the beans. Problem is, my husband and I are pretty close to the married couple and often times we have dinner, travel, or hang out at each other's homes. I am at a loss as to how to handle this. What would you do in my situation? Now that I know, I feel guilty although I had nothing to do with them hooking up.

Im having an affair but she is still sleeping with her man?

If she is living or married to this man why would you think she wouldn't be sleeping with him because it's a relationship. An 'affair' means that one is cheating on their mate with another. Cheating is wrong and the persons cheating generally lose out.Answer:Wow I didn't know that you are jealous or even insecure about your mistress sleeping with her husband. I don't think you can predict what she will do when she's at home with her husband. If her husband didn't know that she is having an affair, I think she will be more loving towards him so he wouldn't suspect anything.I'm afraid that you don't have a leverage, because she is still married to her husband.

What if your husband is having an affair and is hiding all his assets?

It would be wise to get a lawyer before your husband manages to hide most of his assets.

Would you believe another woman's husband who contacts you and tells you that his wife TOLD him that she had an affair with your husband but when you ask her and your husband they both deny it?

It is not always wise to believe gossip. It could have happened, but unless you know this woman's husband you don't know if he's the jealous type or thinks his wife is cheating with every man she talks too. Have a discussion with her husband and ask what proof he has. If he has no proof and you obviously want to get to the bottom of this mess the hire a private investigator to find out if your husband and his wife are having an affair.