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How do you know your lover loves you?

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Love is a strange, but simple thing. My personal belief is that 'LOVE IS WHAT LOVE DOES, NOT WHAT LOVE SAYS' This means actions can be determinded by whether a person loves another or not. This doesn't mean by what quanity. That is lots of money or presents do not add up to someone really loving another. Its the time spent, the thoughtfulness that goes into their actions.

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Q: How do you know your lover loves you?
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"Amante" (lover, the one who loves)

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I can trust her 90%

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Wen u hug them whisper in there ear I luv u and c wat there reaponse is

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You will feel it if they really loves you. If they make you feel special . If they take care of you and supports you then they really love you.

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What word with a v means someone loves you?


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If you lover is already married then he don't love either one(his wife or you). If he did love you then he would have ended his marrage and then got with you. If he is still with her then he is playing the both of you.

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