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How do you lay travertine?

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October 20, 2009 5:15PM

Travertine Pavers are much easier to install than most other pavers in the marketplace, the reason being that they can be installed dry set.They can be easily laid and, if necessary, easily replaced.

First step is to compact the soil with a compactor to ensure that the moisture content of the base is right. Soil that is too damp or too dry may not compact properly.

Second, create a border around the edges of the area. You can do this by using a soldier-course pattern with 6x12 travertine pavers, surrounded by concrete around the edge. You can see a picture here:

Travertine pavers are best set with the dry set method. This way it is possible to achieve a much easier installation process and easy repairs should they become necessary in the future. Travertine pavers can also be mud set on top of existing concrete if the concrete is already in place, there is no reason to remove it.

Travertine pavers can be custom cut at the job site using the same tools that are used to cut brick pavers or other natural stones. Any diamond blade should work fine.

Last step is, after all pavers are installed, to sweep the sand into the joints of the travertine. An alternative is to use grout or nothing at all.

You can see installed pictures at this link: