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Travertine Pavers are much easier to install than most other pavers in the marketplace, the reason being that they can be installed dry set.They can be easily laid and, if necessary, easily replaced.

First step is to compact the soil with a compactor to ensure that the moisture content of the base is right. Soil that is too damp or too dry may not compact properly.

Second, create a border around the edges of the area. You can do this by using a soldier-course pattern with 6x12 travertine pavers, surrounded by concrete around the edge. You can see a picture here:

Travertine pavers are best set with the dry set method. This way it is possible to achieve a much easier installation process and easy repairs should they become necessary in the future. Travertine pavers can also be mud set on top of existing concrete if the concrete is already in place, there is no reason to remove it.

Travertine pavers can be custom cut at the job site using the same tools that are used to cut brick pavers or other natural stones. Any diamond blade should work fine.

Last step is, after all pavers are installed, to sweep the sand into the joints of the travertine. An alternative is to use grout or nothing at all.

You can see installed pictures at this link:

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Can you install ceramic tile over travertine tile?

Yes you can lay over travertine as long as they are stuck well , there are products available such as ultrabond which combined with the correct glue makes job less messy and totally guaranteed

What is average price of Travertine Flooring?

Average price of tumbled Travertine pavers is $3.00 to $3.50 A realiable company to check is Travertine Mart

Will travertine pavers become damaged if they are near a salt water pool?

Travertine pavers have been in nature for millions of years. They do not get affected by salt water. Travertine is a natural stone and it is quite durable, deemed as a perfect material by architects for outdoors. A reliable supplier for premium grade travertine pavers is Travertine Mart.

What is travertine?

Travertine is a sedimentary rock. It is a natural chemical precipitate of carbonate minerals; typically Aragonite

Cost to clean and seal a travertine floor?

what the cost of cleaning travertine floor and what do they charge for polish..

What is the difference between travertine and marble?

Travertine is an earlier form of marble. It takes thousands of years for travertine to turn into marble. Being said that they are almost the same, we should distinguish them in the ways they are different:-Travertine is porous, marble is dense, which makes travertine an ideal product for outdoors such as pool decks and patios and marble ideal for indoors.Here are some samples of travertine pavers and marble tiles:

Is travertine stone heat resistant?

Yes, travertine is heat resistant, especially travertine pavers, meaning it won't burn your feet in hot summer days. If you choose to go with a very dark color of travertine paver you may feel some heat on your feet.For more benefits of travertine pavers visit:

Where can you find Travertine?

Best quality travertine is mainly found in Turkey and Italy. Where Italy is more focused on travertine tile and produces better quality products, Turkey produces the best quality travertine pavers in the world.You can find these products in the marketplace. Italian travertine tiles have been popular for years and is readily available in the North American market.Turkish travertine pavers have been in the market for over 5 years and it is the best quality out there. The price/value relationship is also very impressive.Travertine Mart is a supplier of premium grade travertine pavers with a "Wholesale to Public" approach in the US. Their web site is:

Can you install travertine on a ceiling?

Travertine is no more or less tile than ceramic or Porcelain in that application, although it may actually be lighter.. anyone that can install tile on a ceiling could do Travertine..

Can you install travertine tiles on a moble home?

Yes but I wouldn't. Travertine is very soft cracks easy.

How do you cut and polish travertine tile?

The same tools utilized to cut it and install standard tile are used for travertine as well. Several different abrasive and chemical polishing process is can result in a shiny or polished travertine finish. For more info visit Bakers Travertine Power Clean

What is the hardness of travertine stone?

acording to the mohs hardness chart is 4 maybe 4.5 acourding to what type of travertine.

Do you need to seal both sides of Travertine before laying it?

No. You seal the top part of travertine AFTER it's installed.

Can travertine tile be used on the floor of a gas fireplace?

Yes, travertine tile can be used on the floor of a gas fireplace.

Should you tile with travertine tiles?

Yes, travertine tiles are great looking tile and do have a lot of benefits. It depends on what area you will be tiling because you do not want to use travertine outdoors but it can be used throughout the inside of your home.

Travertine Tiles versus others?

Travertine tiles are designed to work with high traffic areas. The traditional vinyl tiles are more eaily stained, and often times will need to be replaced for sooner then travertine tiles.

How do you pronounce travertine?

traver - teen

Travertine Tiles?

form_title= Travertine Tiles form_header= Gorgeous tile at an affordable price. Install travertine tiles in your home. What is the square footage of the area?*= _ [50] Where are you installing the tiles?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove current tile?*= () Yes () No

What are the most effective products I can use to clean my travertine kitchen countertops?

The most effective products you can use to clean your travertine kitchen countertops is Travertine. You can find more info at The best way to clean natural stone is with products that are designed for them. For more information on cleaning Travertine visit

How do you polish travertine floors?

travertine is a natural stone similar to a marble. Natural stone can be polished using several different abrasive and chemical techniques to develop reflection of light.for more information visit Bakers Travertine Power Clean

Who is a stone broker for travertine in Florida?

A reliable wholesaler, who sells to public, is Travertine Mart, based in Florida. They also offer nationwide shipping.

Is travertine metamophic rock?

Travertine is a type of metamorphic rock. It is also a sedimentary rock, which is usually found near underground water sources.

Who sells travertine and installs in volusia county?

i highly recommend Andreas hippe inc- of detona fl. he does travertine, marble, woods, granite and complete remodeling. he can be reached at 386-532-7284 . i know he is licensed and insured and also sells travertine.

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What type of rock is the colosseum made of?