Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you learn surf on Pokemon platinum?

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Get the HM Surf then teach it to a pokemon.

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Yes. Goldeen can learn Surf through HM03 in all the generations.

practically any water type. All the water starters can learn surf, palkia can too!

there are a lot of Pokemon that can learn surf but mostly water type Pokemon can learn surf but did you know that snorelax and rydon can lean surf

You get Surf from the elder of Celestic Town.

almost every single water Pokemon can learn surf.

YES! It is a water Pokemon and can learn to surf.

Pikachu can only learn Surf in Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and Pokemon Box

No, Plusle cannot learn Surf.

No, there is no Pokemon that can learn Surf by level up.

Manaphy cannot learn Surf but it can be taught it via the Surf HM.

if you look on it will tell you which Pokemon can learn surf

Most water type Pokemon can learn surf, for example feralagator, marill and gyarados

You learn surf when you get to the secret house in the safari zone.

Basically any water type can learn surf

Any water Pokemon besides magikarp and also linoone can learn surf as well.

Yes, Krabby is able to learn Surf. After all, it is a Water-type Pokemon.

First I think the question is "which" Pokemon can learn surf, and second I'm not gonna list all the Pokemon but I will say water type Pokemon can learn surf. As well as some normal type such as zigzagoon.

In the game Pokemon Zigzagoon does not learn surf as it levels up. The only way this Pokemon can learn this move is with HM03.

The most easiest way to get a Pokemon that can surf is get a Zizagoon,it can learn surf.

Surf is a HM so you can teach it to multiple pokemon.

You can't use surf if all your pokemons are unable to learn it. You must catch a Pokemon that can.

beat the fifth gem leader than you get the Hm surf

Yes, all water Pokemon should be able to learn surf.

all the Pokemon on dimmond that can learn flash can still learn flash in the platinum game too

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