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How do you learn the move push on Pokemon diamond?


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its called strength and you get it from a gymleader that you beat


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You need to have a Pokemon that knows the move Strength (HM 04). But if you have a Pokemon that can learn it but you only want to use the move once, be warned, once the Pokemon learns a HM move, it cannot be erased, or you might say, it cannot learn a move in replace of it.

any pokemon that can learn strength can push aside a big boulder

You can use any Pokemon that is able to learn Strength to push rocks.

push is not even a move, unless you mean strengnth, that is an hm

You have to get strength, and teach it to your pokemon. It is so easy a caveman can do it.

one of you Pokemon in your party need to learn strength.

Emboar can or any Pokemon with the move strengh

go to the tower below solceon town

You need to teach a pokemon strength. Its an HM and cannot be erased, so think wise about which pokemon you teach it to.

Boulder push is also know as strength. machop, machoke, machamp, geodude, graveler, and most any Pokemon

you will need a Pokemon that know hm04 strength which you can get (diamond and pearl in the lost tower) and (platinum in iron island)

if you have a pokemon with strength use the move to push the stone into pit

You will need a Pokemon with the move Strength, then interact with the boulder and the Pokemon will use Strength, which allows you to push the boulder around as long nothing is in its way. To get the HM Strength for this, you will need to go to the top of Lost Tower (It's located south of Solaceon Town) and talk to the old lady on the right.

you need to teach your Pokemon rock strength and if the Pokemon you taught is in your party click a on a moveable rock and move it.

Put the Pokemon that you want to release into the PC. The PC is inside of the Pokemon Center. Then select " Move Pokemon ". Then find the Pokemon that you inserted into the PC. Then push the A button. Then move down to the release button. Then push A once more once you are on the release button. There you go you released your Pokemon! But make sure it isn't a Pokemon you can never catch again like your starter.

Rock Push? I think you mean "Strength". Go down from Solecon Town then right. Go into the tower and climb to the top floor. Two ladies will be there. One will give you a Cleanse Tag. The other will give you HM Strength. You'll need the gym badge that allows your Pokemon to use that move.

you have to obtain the HM strengh and teach it to a Pokemon in your party. after that just stand in front of the rock and press the B button.

Press A at a large, grey boulder to gain the power to push it.

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