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At the bottom of the page that you are a fan of it should say "Remove Me from Fans" and just click that.


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I think there's no maximum number of fan pages you can join in in facebook. And you can also create multiple fan pages.

Just type the keywords to the search box in your facebook profile and once facebook lead you to the search result, click the "FAN PAGES" button on the left side and all the results will be fan pages thus allowing you to browse for pages.

From your profile, you can check all your pages by editing your likes and interests. You can also like new fan pages.

nope. the have an account on twitter.but there are fan pages on facebook.

You can use facebook as your fan page to like other pages. All you need to do is to click "Account" then choose "Use Facebook as Page" after that you can visit and like other fan page using your page. You can also interact with other people and pages with other fan pages. This is one of facebook's new features.

there are only fan pages for her.

Yes, it's 100% Free. And you can create multiple fan pages using your personal facebook account. Just make sure you can manage all fan pages you made.

There is a possibility that he does. But he has fan pages on Facebook that you can "Like".

I hope Facebook will delete some of the non sense fan pages made by Filipino Facebook users. They are very abusive because they make a lot of fan pages that are non sense. I hope Facebook will delete some of those because its pretty annoying. I'm a Filipino Citizen also but I keep in mind that we should minimize of making non sense fan pages that aren't needed for a business. I hope Facebook will give a lot of time accompanying this fan pages.

There are no fan pages on facebook operated by AGCO (the owner of the Massey Ferguson brand) There are several fan pages that come up if you were to search for Massey Ferguson)

You need to have a facebook account to fully accsess a fan page. But you actually view fan pages even you're not log-in to facebook but you can not like and comment to its contents.

They don't have facebook accounts, but facebok fan pages.

Uploading photos to your fan page is very easy, it is completely the same way with uploading photos to your personal facebook account.

You can communicate with them on their Facebook Fan Pages and through Twitter.

Either use paint, or photoshop :)

If you do have more number of facebook followers than your profile can be on the top of the can even buy facebook fans from

There is a search tab on the center top of Facebook. This tab is meant for finding the individual profiles and Facebook fan pages or groups.

You will have to see how many fan pages they have, and how many fans each one of them has, and then add it up.

An official fan phone number is not known for Ryan Higa at this time. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel or leave comments on his Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages. See Related Links.

In some fan pages, you can not find out the creator or the admin. But in most of the fan pages nowadays choose to feature the creator of the page specially those business fan pages. You can see the fan page/admin at the bottom left part of the page.

Shahid kapoor is not currently present on facebook. He is at twitter though. He is a very good actor. He has some fan made pages on facebook but he himself is not on facebook.

Currently Starbucks has their number 2 fan page on Facebook,with almost 19 million fans (and counting), just behind Coca Cola.

Robert Pattinson does not have a verified Facebook account. There are several accounts using his name and images, but they are fan pages.

I do, as do many, you can find many fan pages for PearPhones as well as pages for the whole Pear company on Facebook.

To get more likes to your facebook fan page, make sure you source relevant contents and try to make a conversation with your fans and you can use your facebook as fan page which allow you to like a fan page using your fan page and can comments with their contents. This is a better way to increase your chances to get more Likes.

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