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run against the door until you get outside. wait til the wizard does some thing to you and if he does not then your computer mite of froze

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How do you leave the GOLEM tower in wizard 101?

Just Go Out The Door :P

How do i get inside sarphyra's tower in wizard 101?


Where is the hoarder at in Wizard 101?

Location:The Hoarder's Tower

How do you get the wizard 101 herif?

you can find herif in the life tower

Where is the ice tower on wizard 101?

across from the ice school. it have a snowflake on it.

Where is Penny in wizard 101?

shes outside the head master's tower

Where is the reaper on wizard 101?

he is in the tower in the hunted cave he is Lord Nightshade

Where is the drake hatchery book on wizard 101?

its in the giant homunculus tower

Where can you find mistwood on wizard 101?

It is near the tower and next to haunted cave.

On wizard 101 how do you get into to storm drain tower?

u got to die first

Where is big ben tower in wizard 101?

The Big Ben tower is in the royal museum in Marelybone. I hope this helped you!

Where do you get colossus statue on wizard 101?

You can get it from Prince Gobblestone on Colossus Boulevard in Wizard City, which is at the tower at the end of Colossus Boulevard.

Can you bring someone in the golem tower on wizard 101 to help you fight?

no. iv tried

Where is the headmaster on wizard 101?

The headmaster, Merle Ambrose, is located in the commons, in the "Headmaster's tower"

What is the next project for wizard 101?

The next project for wizard 101 is the oppsite of wizard 101.So its the bad side of wizard 101.

On wizard 101 how do you get the title wizard city protector?

You have to defeat lord nightshade in stormdrain tower. If you don't have access to stormdrain tower, ask someone else to go inside for you. That's what i did.

In Wizard 101 what is the level and amount of hp that the boss in Golem tower have?

I don't know but your a Nerd

Is golem tower in wizard 101 a solo quest?

Yes, it HAS to be done solo, no one can help.

Does wizard101 slowdown your laptop yes or no?

Since Wizard 101 contains a lot of data, yes. If wizard 101 is the only game you have loaded on there, it may not be noticeable. But if you have lots of things loaded on your computer, downloading Wizard 101 may leave a big mark.

Who created pirate 101 and wizard 101?

Kingsile created pirate 101 and wizard 101

Where does foulgaze live in olde town in wizard 101?

Foulgaze is in a tower by the gate to Firecat Alley called Saphyra's (think its how you spell it) Tower.

When was wizard 101 created?

wizard 101 was created in 2007

Wizard 101 how may rooms are in grayscale tower?

There are 4 floors but the fourth is the father drake room

How do you enter the sapphyra's tower in wizard 101?

You walk up to the door and it should start loading! Then you should be there!

What are codes for wizard 101 for 2010?

what are codes for wizard 101 for 210